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Best Foam Archery Targets

[Updated January 2020] Target practice is the most basic practice method for everyone doing archery, whether for competitions, hunting or recreation. Your muscle memory and strength is improved by shooting arrows at targets in an accurate way. Targets are made of many different materials. In fact, not all archery targets are made of foam, but when they are there is one kind of foam that stands out: polyethylene. Best Foam for Archery Targets Most of the foam archery targets are made of this durable and strong foam. It comes in blocks of various colors and weights. However, keep in mind that some foam targets use layered foam as material, so they’re not self-healing. This is a disadvantage considering that some other archery targets are designed to be self-healing. Find out more about polyethylene by reading the amazing facts below. Polyethylene is a closed-cell foam material that is chemically cross-linked so…

How to Make a DIY Archery Target

There are lots of archery targets on the market meant for different kinds of arrows. But if you do not have the time or budget to buy a target, you can shoot other things such as a hillside, a thick Styrofoam layer or straw bales. However, these may quickly wear out. Worse, your arrows can get damaged. One thing you can do is to make your own DIY archery target. It will just take a couple of hours to make and you will have a target that you can use for a long time. In essence, you just need to stuff a box with some packing materials. Below are the steps in making a DIY archery target. Look for a big cardboard box: How to make a DIY archery target The minimum size should be 30 cm or 12 inches thick so the arrows won’t go through it. If you are…

Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Archery Targets

If you are a fan of the Hunger Games movies, you know that the main character, Katniss Everdeen, used her great skills in archery to fight for her life, defeating 22 other tributes from different districts. Perhaps you want to be as good an archer as Katniss and are thinking about trying archery. Well, the good thing is that you actually can! Archery targets are a necessary part of improving archery skills. They are needed in practice and competitions to determine and improve accuracy. However, a lot of people neglect the basic facts about them, like “what are archery targets made of”, and “how you should pick one for your own use”. For those who have just got into the hobby, here are the basic facts about archery targets. Archery Target Basics One of the first things you need to understand is that all commercial targets nowadays are divided into…

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