Archery Advice

Strength & stability exercises for bow shooting

After a day at the shooting range with a few buddies; I realized my shots getting sloppier as the day went on.  My arms and shoulders became slightly numb over the course of just a few shots. The strings on my bow are relatively new. But, I didn’t have the necessary upper body strength to hold the bow stable enough before I take the shot. I realized that body stability together with hand/eye coordination are a few of the deciding factors that go into the perfect shot. One Arm Dumbbell Row This Strength & stability exercises develop your arms as well as your lats. It can be done in a gym or at home with a straight bench and a bottle full of coins as weights if you don’t have a dumbbell. Affected muscle groups for this exercise Deltoids Biceps brachii Serratus anterior Trapezius Triceps brachii Latissimus dorsi Grab a…