Basic Bow Hunter gear

Below are some of the basic bow hunter gear that you would require while you go for the hunting BOW ATTACHMENTS Bow Sight Just as you would use the sight of a gun. A bow sight lines up your arrow and your target. Bow Stabilizer Hunters use bow stabilizers for a number of reasons. It gives balance to the bow, making it stable when shooting a target. A stabilizer reduces the vibration to silence the shot. Arrow Rest Holds the arrow in the same spot every time you load one in, when drawing and when it’s finally time to shoot. Arrows An archer’s ammunition. Broadheads for hunting and field points for practice. Archery Quiver A convenient piece of equipment that holds your arrows for the next shot. AMMUNITION Field-point Arrows Mainly used for target practice, field-point tips are made to fly smoothly through the air and pulled off from…

Bow hunters – planning and preparation

Whether your novice or a veteran in the bow hunting game, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead before the hunting season starts. This guide serves as a list for newbie and veteran bow hunters alike to prepare for a hunt and to stay safe out in the field. PLANNING 60+ DAYS BEFORE OPEN SEASON Securing Hunting License & Permits Each state processes licenses differently. No two states are alike as they have different requirements and procedures. Some states may require you to purchase tags with a hunter’s license. Hunter’s Safety Course Regulations will likely differ as breeding conditions change year to year. A hunter’s safety course is aimed to keep hunter’s safe as well as residents near the area. 45 DAYS BEFORE OPEN SEASON Topographic Maps While Google maps are one of the best available resources, it wouldn’t hurt to gain more information by looking up other available…

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