How to Make 3D Archery Targets

[Updated on 1 August 2022] Archery is a very popular sport nowadays, and lots of people use a bow for hunting. If you are still a beginner, shooting targets will definitely help you improve. There are various kinds of targets, and one of the most helpful and advanced is the 3D target. This is a replica of a frequently hunted animal.

You might be wondering how to create your own 3D archery target. This can take a lot of time, effort and skill. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not doable. Even if you have not tried it before, you can make a 3D archery target!

The materials you will need are:

  • Aerosol polyurethane foam
  • Newspapers
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Turkey trap (made of foam) or cardboard (one-dimensional)
  • One piece of board (2 x 4 ft., 1 ft. long)
  • Two pieces of boards (2 x 4 ft., 3 ft. long)

Here are the steps how to make 3D archery targets:

Use old newspapers to create several layers to serve as the cover for the flat exterior. Place the turkey trap (made of foam) or cardboard (one-dimensional) on it. Then use a fine spray foam coating to cover one whole side of the decoy, so as to start creating bulk. Wait for at least 24 hours to allow for the foam to dry thoroughly.

Turn the turkey trap over. Again, use a fine spray foam layer to coat the other side of the decoy. Wait 24 hours for it to dry fully. Do not rush, and remember to maintain a thin foam layer and avoid thick spray layers since this may ruin the whole thing.

Apply an extra foam layer on the trap or decoy, then wait until it is totally dry. Turn it over and put extra foam spray in that area. Again, allow it to dry. Until you are satisfied with how bulky the target already is, repeat this procedure.

Lay the two pieces of boards (3 ft. long) parallel to one another in order to build a simple stand. Then place the one-foot-long board on the upper side, making an “H” form. Afterward, fasten the boards and make sure they are properly positioned by using the drill and screws.

Again, fasten your 3D decoy using some screws and a drill. Make sure it stands in the middle of the “H” form. This enables your 3D target to stand up straight and be steady once arrows come its way.

Some tips and warnings

You can do some spot repairs using more spray foam after you have shot your 3D target with many holes. Use bigger boards for building the stand if you want a bigger target. Additionally, never shoot your decoy until spray foam is totally dry.

Also, keep in mind that your 3D target must be strong enough to stop arrows. Arrows shouldn’t just pierce through your target. Your 3D target should also not be too hard as this might damage or even break your arrows.

Best 3D Archery Targets

If you then want to know the best 3D archery targets in the market, here are some examples:

Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

This target is made of high-quality materials, making it durable. If it breaks apart though, you can simply replace it. It has the authentic look of a deer that makes it possible for a simulation of shooting while you are in the open fields. Thus, it gives you the best way to practice shooting to know where to hit the deer.

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Target

This is one of the most expensive targets, and provides several areas you can shoot and practice on. Just like the previous target, it is also replaceable once it breaks due to repeated use. It has the actual weight and size of a real deer, making it one of the biggest targets in the market. It has a four-sided core too, providing more target space than other similar products.

Field Logic Big Buck Shooter 3D Archery Target

This provides a real life experience given that it looks like the real thing. It has an easy replacement after wear and tear and provides an adequate target space wherever you are standing.

Delta Intruder Buck Target

Known to be one of the toughest targets, this one can stand strong despite lots of wear and tear from arrows because it goes back to normal once the arrows are removed. It comes with a padding that can be easily replaced so you can still use it for a long time. Additionally, it has the perfect weight and height just like a real buck, so it doesn’t fall over every time it’s hit.

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