Block Archery Targets 2023

[Updated 1 July 2022] Top 5 Block Archery Targets Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) How many shots can your Block targets take? Any block target can take no precise number of shots because so many factors influence the outcome, such as draw weight, shooting distance, using broadheads vs. field tips, spreading out shots, and target care (left outdoors vs. indoors). What is the speed rating for block targets that are designed for compound bows? Compound targets are recommended for bows shooting 350 FPS and lower. Anything shooting more than 350 FPS should use a crossbow-specific target. Can I leave my block target outside? When not in use, we recommend keeping your target indoors as much as possible. If you must keep it outside, cover it with a tarp or some other waterproof covering to protect it from the weather. Want to use this infographic on your site?

Making Your Own Archery Targets Infographics

[Updated 1 July 2022] When you are getting into archery, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can find is a target. This is because you need it to start practicing. To get really good at archery, you need to fire thousands of shots and a target is an ideal equipment for that. Making your own archery targets is not a very difficult task. Though it is possible to buy an archery target, you should also learn how to make an archery target of your own. This will save you money in the long run, and make some things easier.

Best 3D Archery Targets

[Updated on 1 August 2022] Top 6 Best 3D Archery Targets Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) Can I leave my 3D archery target outside? 3D archery targets are not recommended to be exposed to the elements because weather conditions might damage the target and fade the paint. My arrows are poking out the back of my 3D archery target. Is this normal? It’s not unusual to observe the arrows poking out of the rear side if you’re shooting at the same location or a few locations. To increase the life of your target, we recommend spreading your shots out to all applicable targets on all shootable sides. Want to use this infographic on your site?

Building a FITA Target Stand

[Updated 1 August 2022] Here’s how to build an easy DIY FITA Target Stand for practicing and improving your handgun skills. BUILDING A FITA TARGET STAND The simple target stand uses 2 x 4’s and a few 1 x 4-inch hardwood. The legs can fold into itself with a couple of loose cross member attachments that make it rigid. The build can be done in roughly a day with common carpentry tools. STEP 1 Measure the four holes as shown in the diagram and drill the holes. Build the front legs by attaching the top and bottom cross members. STEP 2 Measure the two holes as shown in the diagram and drill the holes. Attach the cross member. Cut both the notches on the rear legs with a router or chisel. STEP 3 Drill the four holes for the bolts as shown on the diagram. Cut both the 45º notches…