How to Repair a 3D Archery Target

Don’t think that you have to donate it to the landfill just because your old 3D archery target is sun-beaten and has a fist-size hole through it. Instead, revive it only in a few bucks.


  • 20′ duct tape
  • 1 can spray paint
  • 1 can insulation foam sealant
  • 20′ self-adhesive drywall joint tape
  • Tools: one wood rasp, one piece of cardboard

Step 1

Attach the joint drywall tape to the target, leaving a gap on one side big enough for the sealant can nozzle to fit into. Secure the edges with duct tape to ensure it’s wrapped tightly. Try filling in the edges to make a base to build upon before wrapping if the hole is really big.

Step 2

Carefully fill the hole with sealant by covering the inside edges and slowly letting it build up. Keep in mind that the foam will expand quite a lot, so there’s no need to use too much. If you want an ideal smooth target upon completion, it’s essential to fill in all the little gaps and holes.

The best type of insulation foam sealant for target repairs is made specifically for filling smaller gaps and cracks. The type designed for large gaps cannot stop arrows effectively because it is not dense enough.

Step 3

After filling the target, add another wrap of the mesh tape to enclose the area you just repaired fully. When you see the foam expanding and pushing out through the mesh tape, don’t worry; that’s supposed to happen.

Step 4

Remove any extra foam by carefully scraping it with a piece of cardboard. If you don’t, the foam will spread well beyond the mesh. To avoid this, cut the excess off prior to step 5.

Step 5

The foam will dry after 24 hours and be ready for shaping. The exterior spray foam insulation that leaks through the mesh may be quickly removed with a wood rasp. Create the original target’s shape by removing material. Outside rasping is necessary; dust particles are unavoidable during this step.

Step 6

Spray paint will restore the target to its original condition, making it seem brand new. It may also be a source of enjoyment for kids. It was making a zebra-striped bear or a tiger-striped deer by mixing the colors in as well as you’d like or getting creative. Skip this step for more cost savings.

Over time, the repair will wear out just as the original target did. But with routine maintenance, adding a little foam as needed, the target will remain in tip-top shape for years.

3D Archery Target Care Tips

  1. If you want to make it easier to pull your arrows out and cause less damage on the target, rub bar soap on the first 5 inches of your arrow shaft.
  2. If you keep your targets in direct sunlight, they will last longer their life. Cover them or bring them inside if you won’t be shooting them for longer periods.
  3. During practice sessions, shoot into the rump or neck to ensure that you use the entire target and avoid wearing out the ribcage.

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