Archery in Asia Cup 2023

Introduction to the Archery in Asia Cup 2023 In competitive sports, where discipline and precision reign supreme, the Archery Asia Cup is a testament to archery’s artistry and camaraderie among nations. As September 2023 draws closer, athletes, enthusiasts, and spectators prepare for an anticipated event that will showcase exceptional archery skills and the rich cultural diversity of participating Asian countries. The Archery Asia Cup has evolved into an internationally recognized platform that brings together archers from across the Asian continent to compete in a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Organized under the banner of the Asian Archery Federation (AAF), this event has been a catalyst for promoting the sport of archery, transcending borders and languages to create lasting connections among nations. The heart of the competition lies in the archers’ mastery of the bow and arrow. Years of relentless practice, unwavering focus, and physical endurance culminate in a display…

World Archery Oceania Championships 2023

Prepare to experience the excitement of international competition at Adelaide, South Australia’s 2023 Oceania Championships from April 13–16. Choosing this team has the following primary goals in mind: To participate in as many events as you can and be competitive. To achieve success in numerous events and earn a Medal for each. Leverage the Championships to introduce promising future athletes to international competition, offering them an invaluable opportunity for growth. Minimum Qualifying Scores To ensure your success, you must obtain the mandatory MQS between July 1st, 2022, and January 31st, 2023. Allocated Places Archery Australia has the authority to select up to 3 archers from each of the following categories: Compound (Women & Men) Recurve (Women & Men) Barebow (Women & Men)* Compound U21 (Women & Men) Compound U21 (Men & Women Recurve U21 (Women & Men) Compound U18 (Women & Men) Recurve U18 (Women & Men) Compound U16 (Women…

Archery Events

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