Best 3D Archery Targets

[Updated on 1 August 2021] Top 6 Best 3D Archery Targets



Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Turkey Target
Rinehart Tom Turkey Target

Rinehart Tom Turkey Target

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I leave my 3D archery target outside?

3D archery targets are not recommended to be exposed to the elements because weather conditions might damage the target and fade the paint.

My arrows are poking out the back of my 3D archery target. Is this normal?

It’s not unusual to observe the arrows poking out of the rear side if you’re shooting at the same location or a few locations. To increase the life of your target, we recommend spreading your shots out to all applicable targets on all shootable sides.


Best 3D Targets
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