Best Foam Archery Targets
How to Make a DIY Archery Target
Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Archery Targets

Bowstring Finger Position

Preface You probably understand the importance of having a consistent form while playing target sports. Archery is no different. You need to shun unnecessary effort or stress and make sure you a consistent form that can be in a comfortable, and relaxed manner.  One of the keys to this is ensuring you have the right bow, is that it should feel comfortable when you shoot. If the weight is too heavy, the bow won’t feel comfortable and holding the draw while maintaining the target will be very difficult.   Finger Positioning Finger positioning plays a crucial role in the outcome of every archery game.  Why is this the case?  Think of the crucial role an anchor plays in supporting a boat from swaying hither and tither. That’s why you need to position your fingers in the correct anchor point. It’s important that you pay close attention to where you position your…

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