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A Traditional Archer’s Quandary

Traditional archers are a breed apart. We’ve chosen to adhere to the “Old School” and shoot with fingers rather than a trigger. That simple statement should stand alone, but it doesn’t. Shooting with fingers and a longbow, or recurve can present an archer with another question. Do I shoot the tried and true, split-finger method, index finger above the nock, middle and third fingers below, or should I shoot three fingers under the nock and “walk” the string? Let’s take a look at the advantages of both, and also the balance of the bow as we shoot. Nearly all bows are set up to be used with the arrow on a rest that is center of the bow. A nocking point locates a level line from the rest to the string, and we’ve all spent a moment or more making sure that line is right, prying the nocking point open…