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What is the Best Bolt Weight and FPS?

Crossbow hunting is fun because it combines the speed and accuracy of a gun with the stealth of a bow. After years of crossbow hunting, most hunters will tell you that they have a favorite bolt weight. If you are just starting, you probably have many questions before heading into the field for the first time. One of the most critical questions is; What is the best bolt weight and FPS? There is are no specific numbers to answer this question, but there is a right answer. Your best bolt weight and the FPS or Feet Per Second that the arrow travels all depend on the type of crossbow and what you are hunting. Most hunters will tell you that the sweet spot for crossbow bolts is between 400 and 435 grains. There is much more that you need to know before you can choose the right bolt for your…

Crossbow shooting – Can you go too heavy with arrows?

Crossbows have been around for literal ages, and their popularity has risen and fallen through the years. The forerunner to the modern-day gun, these tools were once weapons of war and much bigger and heavier than they are today. They also had much heavier bolts designed to do more damage; today’s crossbows are still designed for power, but speed and distance are also essential components. With today’s more advanced crossbow shooting, can you go too heavy with arrows? You can go to heavy with an arrow, but the answer is not as simple as that. To exaggerate to make a point, a one-pound arrow would plummet to the ground the minute it left your barrel. The heavier the arrow is, the faster gravity will pull it toward the ground, but arrows or bolts do not have an even weight throughout. Heavier bolts with more weight at the tip will have…

Can You Legally Shoot Your Bow Inside City Limits?

Buying a bow is an exciting experience, and you will want to use it as soon as you get it home. Even if you have had a bow for a while you may be chomping at the bit to start shooting before the season opens. There are a lot of precautions that you should take before you start shooting your bow, but where do you start? Excitement and convenience spur a lot of people to shoot in their back yard without asking an incredibly important question. Can You Legally Shoot Your Bow Inside City Limits? Where Else Can I Shoot? If you live in a semi-rural area, the chances are that you’ll be able to head to a quarry or field somewhere out of town. Many suburban areas have dedicated archery ranges as part of their parks systems. A quick internet search will show you ranges in your area as…

Best Bow Releases for Superior Comfort while Shooting

Bow Releases giving you the ability to secure to wrist with one hand and glass, climb, or rattle with no flopping or clanging. Serious bowhunting requires a release that can maximize the power and consistency of your shots. The Bow Release is equipped with a self-centering knuckle that eliminates torque and a pivoting body that compensates for different anchor point positions. Perfect for your next archery hunt! The 10 Best Bow Releases for Superior Comfort while Shooting

Best Bow Stands

With very simple adjustments, these Bow Stands will fit on all bow limbs. The legs adjust as well to allow for the best balance angle for your bow. Put these innovative features together with the quality and durability and you have the only these bow stands you will need. It is great for tournament archers and blind hunters alike. Simple to attach and easy to fold and store when not in use. The 10 Best Bow Stands

Building a FITA Target Stand

Here’s how to build an easy DIY FITA Target Stand for practicing and improving your handgun skills. BUILDING A FITA TARGET STAND The simple target stand uses 2 x 4’s and a few 1 x 4-inch hardwood. The legs can fold into itself with a couple of loose cross member attachments that make it rigid. The build can be done in roughly a day with common carpentry tools. STEP 1 Measure the four holes as shown in the diagram and drill the holes. Build the front legs by attaching the top and bottom cross members. STEP 2 Measure the two holes as shown in the diagram and drill the holes. Attach the cross member. Cut both the notches on the rear legs with a router or chisel. STEP 3 Drill the four holes for the bolts as shown on the diagram. Cut both the 45º notches halfway across on the…

Best Protective Archery Gloves

Archery Gloves give you the proper feel of the string and perfect wearing experience, Provide the best protection for lower arm and fingers, ideal accessory for shooting, hunting, and target practice. To protect your fingers from any discomfort while shooting, and at the same time, made with soft leather for flexibility and utmost comfort. The Best Archery Gloves for Archery Shooting which can Eliminate Discomfort and Prevent your Fingers from Slipping.

Best Crossbow Scopes

With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box Crossbow Scopes, you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing. The adjustable objective provides image focus and parallax removal to the shooter while anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views. The Crossbow Scopes Allow You to Make a Precise Shot on Target Very Quickly

Best Hunting Boots for Men

If you are a lover of hunting, these Hunting Boots For Men are right for your needs, which will work very well hunting through rocky areas as well as wet mud, keep you from slipping on the rocks or tripping on the mud, feet stay dry during walks through mud and snow, even the terrain is hilly and uneven, you will feel comfortable for a full day. Start your outdoor adventure with Hunting Boots, whether in muddy farm or pasture, hunting in the wild, climbing, or camping on a rainy day, passing by grass or river. The Best Hunting Boots for Men Basic Bow Hunter gear Best Rangefinders For Hunting