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DIY Target Stand

PIPES TO USE 4 pcs. of Zip Ties 8 pcs. of Y Coupling 6 pcs. of Elbow Fitting 4 pcs. of T Fitting STRAIGHT PIPE 1  25 inch PVC straight pipe (4pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 2  12 inch PVC straight pipe (2 pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 3  1 inch PVC straight pipe (10 pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 4  24 inch PVC straight pipe (2 pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 5  10 inch PVC straight pipe (2pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 6  12 inch PVC straight pipe (2pcs.) STRAIGHT PIPE 7  36 inch PVC straight pipe (2 pcs.) FRONT BASE 4 pieces of 25 inch PVC straight pipe 2 pieces of 12 inch PVC straight pipe 10 pieces of 1 inch PVC straight pipe (connectors) Start working on the front side of the base. After cutting all of the straight pipes, fit all of the pieces together without permanently fixing them all together. Make sure everything is square…

Best Hunting Chairs

The most significant feature of these Hunting chairs is light weight, compact folded size and easy to carry. It achieves the optimal balance between compactness and comfort. Weighs only 2 pounds while holds up to 250 lbs, you can throw off the burden to travel with this chair. It is ideal for your outdoor trekking, fishing, climbing, cycling, barbeque, kids soccer game or sports event. This low profile portable chair can bring you relaxation at anytime and anywhere.

How to Make a DIY Archery Target

[Updated on 1 June 2020] There are lots of archery targets on the market meant for different kinds of arrows. But if you do not have the time or budget to buy a target, you can shoot other things such as a hillside, a thick Styrofoam layer or straw bales. However, these may quickly wear out. Worse, your arrows can get damaged. One thing you can do is to make your own DIY archery target. It will just take a couple of hours to make and you will have a target that you can use for a long time. In essence, you just need to stuff a box with some packing materials. Below are the steps in making a DIY archery target. Look for a big cardboard box: How to make a DIY archery target The minimum size should be 30 cm or 12 inches thick so the arrows won’t go…

Best Hunting Backpacks

Best Hunting Backpacks These Hunting Backpack has an extra-large main compartment ideal for clothing, as well as a roomy secondary compartment with its own organizer for everything from snacks to spotting scopes to a bone saw. A front pocket with a zipper closure keeps the likes of keys, tags or handheld radios accessible. Multiple Gear Lock attachment points fit your growing needs.