Archery Video Games Where the Bow and Arrow Rule

[Updated on 1 September 2021] With games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Battlefield consistently breaking records; it is really the era of the first-person shooter. Though those games are fun; there is something to be said about the precision and skill that it takes to shoot a bow in real life or the virtual world. Some videogame developers understand the love of Archery Video Games and have gone so far as to make the video game experience as close to the real thing as possible. There are still plenty of games on the market that appreciate the art of archery. These are the best that you can play today across the platforms.  The Last of Us This game is older now, but it is still one of the most popular games ever released for the PS4, and with rumors that a sequel is right around the corner it definitely…

These Archery Scenes in Movies Are Right on Target

[Updated on 1 August 2021] There is a rich history of archery in the film; in fact, some of the earliest films were about the hero Robin Hood. Those movies were legitimate, yet dangerous because they had real archers shooting at actors who had wood planks hidden beneath their clothes. Today’s filming techniques are much safer, but they also allow for much more fantastic scenes. This list combines new and old for some of the best archery scenes in the film. Disney’s Robinhood This often overlooked Disney classic earns its title of a classic because of scenes like this one. With the odds stacked against him and standing on stilts, Robin still manages to pull off a trick shot for the ages and embarrass the Sheriff while winning the favor of Maid Marian. Being a cartoon, there were certain liberties taken with this scene. Still, it made me want to…

Arrows Buyers Guide – The Complete Infographic

[Updated on 1 August 2021] Depending on your bow setup, and whether you compete in 300 or 3-D tournaments or just hunt for whitetails in the Back Forty, finding the arrow that is right for you can be a daunting task. This arrows buyer’s guide will help you understand the differences between the main types of arrows and the fletching that go along with them. Aluminum Aluminum is the most popular arrow shaft material since the 1970s and still the most commonly used material today. Advantages: ● Inexpensive production. ● Strong constructional integrity. ● Can reboundRebounding from minor bending. ● Weather and humidity resistance. ● Extreme straightness. Carbon Early carbon shafts were lightweight and pultruded with an extremely small diameter. These shafts did produce a lighter arrow but were prone to splitting upon impact and difficult to tune. However, these shafts have changed considerably. Nowadays, shafts are either weaved or…

The 10 Best Quivers For Arrows 2021

[Updated on 1 August 2021] If you like hunting, leave the problems to us, and just have fun in your outdoor activities. Lightweight, great design target quiver, protecting your arrows perfectly. We reviewed the best Quivers for Archery Lovers to provide security and comfortable products. The 10 Best Quivers For Arrows 2021