Fun Archery Games

Here are 5 ways to make the fun archery games  – and improve your accuracy!


Fun Archery Games-ExplodingTargetsEasy prep work for the targets and an exciting motivator to hit the balloons.

  1. Use a funnel to partly fill the balloon with powder. You can add a bit of glitter for some color in the explosion.
  2. Inflate the balloon with air and pin it on the target.
  3. Stand away from the target as much as you can to avoid the powder from getting to your eyes as the balloons explode.


Fun Archery Games-FruitArchery 1024x900px

This came right from a video game (of all places). It’s as easy as setting up fruit targets and make sure to have sandbags or hay to catch the arrows in case of a miss or whenever the arrow goes through the fruits.


Fun Archery Games-FloatingTarget 1024x900px

What other way to make a more challenging target than ones that are small and moving in mid-air. A little bit of construction is required to make the contraption to make the ball float.


ArcherPinata 1024x900px

The idea is similar to fruit targets but will take a team effort to break the piñata. Inserting a few balloons inside the donkey and shooting multiple arrows at the same time, an explosive piñata is in the works! 


HollowBullseye 900x900px

This makes the regular bullseye target even more challenging. Having a tube at the center of the target will require any shooter to make a straight shot to catch the bullseye.




Above are 5 fun archery games. In case you are interested in making your own target then we have a perfect article for you on how to make your own archery target

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