Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow

Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 July 2022] Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow is a true flagship bow that is appreciated by several experienced archers for its sheer shooting capabilities. In terms of performance, technology, and style, the Bowtech Prodigy is a true flagship bow. The wicked 343 fps. Arrow speeds are unrivaled by any bows, and few will surpass this bow’s quietness or dead-in-the-hand shot accuracy. Not only that, but the cams’ Powershift technology will allow you to customize your shooting experience. This is something like buying three bows for the price of one.


A prodigy is described as someone who has exceptional talents or skills at a young age. LeBron James was a natural prodigy who has since become one of the finest basketball players of all time. Mozart was a musical prodigy who composed his first piece of music when he was five.

It was more than simply a matter of hard effort that distinguished these people from the competition. It was a natural skill or talent you couldn’t teach.

The Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow, like these two human prodigies, is distinguished by several characteristics that other bows just can’t compete with. We’ll never be Mozart or LeBron James, even if we work hard at it. Even the toughest bows will never match this Bowtech bow in terms of excellence.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Accurate and dead in the hand
  • Powershift technology
  • Fast
What We Don’t Like
  • High price

Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):343>
Bow Weight (lbs)4.2
Brace Height (inches):7
Axle-To-Axle (inches):32
Draw Length Range:25-30.5″
Draw Weight Range:50,60,70
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Carbon Core
Price Range:High
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Non transferable lifetime


In-Depth Review


The Prodigy’s riser is standard, but it does have a few attractive embroideries. The Prodigy is composed of an aircraft-grade aluminum piece. Aluminum lowers the weight of the bow while keeping it strong. It has a set of cutouts that enhance the overall appearance of the bow but also aid in reducing weight.

Bowtech added a few excellent features they’ve created as part of the solid basic construction. The FLX roller guard is a fantastic feature. The innovative Bowtech cable guiding system was created several years ago to enhance accuracy. The riser flexes toward the middle of the bow as it is drawn and then resets back to its original position after the shot. If you’re ready to take your shooting to the next level, it could be a feature that does it for you.


The Bowtech grip on this bow is a typical design. It’s a small, lightweight grip that’s been created to fit into the hand. Although smaller grips have long been the standard, they now provide less surface between the bow and your hand. As a result, there’s less risk of torquing the bow during the shooting sequence. It also features a repeatable grip each time it is used. A consistent grip is required to build any sort of precision.

Cam System

The Bowtech Prodigy’s Overdrive cam system is, without a doubt, one of the most notable features. Most of the Bowtech’s flagship bows have mounted these cams for years, and they’ve proven to be quite popular. They’re a two-cam mechanism that’s largely to blame for the tremendous arrow speeds.

The Overdrive cams have a module system called Powershift, which is also one of their greatest attractions. The ‘Bowtech’ Powershift mechanism is a tiny module built into the cam that significantly improves the shooter’s experience. The settings on a module are as follows: one for speed, one for comfort, and one that is in between. The Powershift modules, in essence, provide you with three bows, all neatly tucked into one box. This tool will allow you to discover a setting that is tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

The Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow, like many bows these days, allows for a wide range of draw length and weight. The 50, 60, and 70-pound draw weight packages are available in Prodigy kits (50, 60, 70 max) with a 10-pound difference between each limb system. Changing the range is as easy as turning a few limb bolts. This is a common feature that can assist you in finding the right fit for you.

Simply remove the hex bolts from the cam modules and set them to your desired setting to alter the draw length. When you reset the modules, follow the instructions in the manual. Even though this bow doesn’t have a wide range, it should work for most full-size shooters.


The Prodigy’s Carbon core split limb is of excellent quality, and it aids in the prodigy’s high arrow speeds. Most limbs are composite, but carbon material has become known for its remarkable toughness and lightness. If you’re seeking a high-quality bow with limbs that will last a long time, the Prodigy is undoubtedly worth considering.


The Prodigy was designed as a high-performance bow, but it is also attractive. Overall, the design gives it a contemporary appearance that will stick out on the shelf, which some shooters may like.

This bow is available in Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Realtree Xtra Green, Kryptek Highlander, or Blackops. Having the capacity to personalize your bow for function or appearance is something that everyone will enjoy.


Although the Bowtech Prodigy has several characteristics to admire, its shootability maybe its most pleasing feature. This bow is advertised as being vibration-free, dead in hand, and having no torque, and we agree. It boasts various features that would appeal to anybody searching for the finest shooting experience possible. The Prodigy is also extremely silent. Quality is something that all hunters can appreciate while pursuing wild animals.

The 7-inch brace height of this bow is another factor to consider. A more extended brace height is beneficial since it makes the bow more forgiving of shooting errors. Mistakes are common among even the best archers; therefore, having a bow that can protect you is advantageous. When it comes to shootability, it’s worth repeating how the Powershift technology influences the shot cycle.

Will the bow have a buttery smooth draw or a firm pull? It’s entirely your decision.

“How does it compare?”

Prodigy vs. Bear Escape

The Bear Escape is another bow that shoots arrows at incredible speeds. This bow outperforms the Prodigy in terms of power and accuracy, with a velocity of 350 feet per second. This feature is ideal for people who require maximum speed. The Escape is a fantastic bow for accuracy, as well as speed.

It includes the Bear Hinge cable guard, which flexes in the same way as the Bowtech FLX system. The hinge guard minimizes torque and improves accuracy. Another fantastic feature is the quiet operation of the bow.

A bow that shoots 350 fps and is quiet to boot would make any hunter proud.

Prodigy vs. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro may be a good alternative for you if you’ve looked at the preceding bows but think they’re out of your price range.

The performance of this bow (310 fps.) isn’t as good as the other ones, but it has a few unique features. To start with, this bow is one of the most adaptable on the market. It features draw weight changes from a 5-pound preschooler to a 70-pound big game.

Without changing limbs, you can do all of this. The bow’s draw length also may be changed without using a bow press between 13″ and 31″. The Infinite Edge Pro boasts a variety of characteristics that make it ideal for those seeking versatility.

Prodigy vs. Carbon Knight

If you’re searching for another flagship bow and like the Bowtech name, the Carbon Knight may be appealing to you.

The Knight doesn’t have the same performance (335 fps.) or features as The Prodigy, but it does have a few unique characteristics. The all-carbon riser, for example, is a unique element of this bow. The riser on this bow is made of carbon, which makes it a pound lighter than the Prodigy and is also excellent for cold-weather hunting.

Carbon is less cold-resistant than aluminum, so this feature will come in handy if you do a lot of winter hunting. The Carbon Knight will compete favorably with the Prodigy in terms of accuracy.

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