Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow Review

[Updated 1 January 2024] Archery 5 SPOT and 3 SPOT Vegas targets are specific types of targets used in archery competitions. The number “5 SPOT” or “3 SPOT” refers to the number of circular scoring zones on the target face, with a higher number indicating more scoring zones.

In a 5 SPOT target, there are five circular scoring zones arranged in a pinwheel pattern, while in a 3 SPOT target, there are three circular scoring zones arranged in a triangle pattern. The scoring zones are typically numbered and colored differently, with higher scoring values assigned to the smaller circles and lower values assigned to the larger circles.

The Vegas Target format is a specific type of archery tournament that originated in Las Vegas and has become popular worldwide. In this format, archers shoot multiple arrows at the target and score points based on where their arrows land in the scoring zones. The winner of the tournament is the archer with the highest total score.

These targets are useful for archers to practice their accuracy and aim, as well as for archery competitions to provide a standardized way of scoring and determining the winner of the tournament. Additionally, the different scoring zones and the challenge of hitting the smaller, higher-value circles help to make the sport more dynamic and competitive.

However, just hitting a random target is not going to be an effective practice. You need a defined target that will present you with a solid goal. That’s why the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets from Longbow are a good choice.

These are paper targets that can be attached to a variety of surfaces. When you use them, you will not just be shooting blindly into a target. You will have a definite goal in your target shooting. Having these paper targets makes things a lot easier.

Features of the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow

  • Attach Anywhere- These targets work on a wide variety of surfaces. All you need is somewhere flat for a worthwhile target. You can even just have it hanging somewhere. If you do this though, your arrow will punch through, so you may want to have some safety precautions. One of the great things about these targets is that you can use normal cardboard boxes or something similar for support. All you need is some scotch tape and the targets should stick to most surfaces.
  • Distinct Color Scheme- When you’re target shooting, you want to be able to hit the target. The best way to do that, apart from shortening the distance, is having targets that are noticeable. This is where these targets are so useful. They have a distinct color scheme. For the 3 SPOT targets, you have the blue, red, and yellow scheme. The 5 SPOT targets use a simple red and yellow color scheme.
  • Available in Different Types- These targets come in a wide range of size. This is what makes them very flexible. Use small targets for close range shooting, while you can get the larger ones for long-range shooting. The two types also allow you to pick out which sort of shooting you want to concentrate on. The 3 SPOT will allow you to hone pinpoint accuracy, while the 5 SPOT helps with more general shooting.

Our Rating

  • Quality: 4.8/5
  • Ease of use: 4.7/5
  • Value for money: 4.9/5
  • Visibility: 4.7/5

Check out this video for complete review.


  • Easy to Make Records- With Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow, it is easy to make a record of your practice. Just take a target down when you finish shooting a sequence of arrows at it. This way, you can track your performance. This is not possible with bag or block targets because the previous shots at it leave a lot of damage on the surface of the target. With paper targets, you can compare your previous performance to your current one.
  • Works with a Variety of Sports- These targets are not just for archery. Provided the sport is about target shooting and accuracy, you can use these targets. You can use them for gun practice and even crossbow practice. When you need a target, these targets are a great choice.
  • For thin targets, these are quite durable since they are made of heavy-duty archery paper- This is good since target shooting can do a lot of damage to targets. You can expect these targets to last quite some time, both in storage and in action. You’ll need that durability to record the results of your practice.
  • These targets are very affordable- For a few dollars, you can get a set of 20. They also come in larger packs, with the largest pack holding 200 targets. Buy one pack of your choice, and you will have enough paper targets to keep shooting for several sessions.


  • Still Made of Paper- Though these targets are made of the most durable paper available, it is still made of paper. This may be a problem since they can get wet and damaged by water and other things. When you use these targets, you need to take care of them both in their use and storage.
  • Requires Backing- Though you can shoot at these targets freely, it is a lot better to do it when they are supported by something else. The best way to use these targets is to combine them with other targets like bag targets or block targets. This ensures that you are practicing shooting properly while hitting a solid target.
  • Can Tear Easily- The targets can tear easily if shot with high-powered arrows or broadheads, reducing their lifespan and effectiveness.
  • May Not Hold Up to Harsh Conditions- These targets may not hold up well in harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or high winds, affecting their durability and performance.

Overall, the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow are a versatile and cost-effective option for archers, but they may not be the best choice for all shooting scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the size of the target?

The dimension of the target is  17 inches x 17 inches.

How can I attach these to targets, do they come with pins?

They do not come with pins. You can use blue masking tape for attaching the targets.

What are Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow?

Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow are archery targets used for practicing and competition purposes. The 5 SPOT target has five circular scoring zones, while the 3 SPOT target has three. They are designed to mimic the scoring zones of a typical Vegas-style archery tournament.

Are the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, these targets can be used indoors and outdoors, but using them in a covered area is recommended to extend their lifespan.

What type of arrows can be used with the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow?

These targets are suitable for use with both crossbow bolts and standard arrows.

How do I score on the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow?

The location of the arrow on the target determines to score. Each scoring zone has a different point value, with the center bullseye being the highest. The exact scoring rules vary depending on the tournament or competition, so it is essential to check the specific rules before using these targets for competition purposes.

Are the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow durable?

Yes, these targets are made from high-density foam and are designed to withstand repeated use. However, it is recommended to rotate the target to different sides to extend its lifespan.

What is the size of the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow?

The target size can vary, but the standard size for the 5 SPOT and 3 SPOT targets is approximately 14 inches in diameter and 18 inches in height.

Are replacement parts available for the Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow?

Yes, replacement parts, such as target faces and foam inserts, are available for purchase. Contact the manufacturer for more information on replacement parts.


In conclusion, Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow are excellent targets for beginner and experienced archers. With their durable construction and high-quality material, these targets can withstand repeated use and provide a reliable target for practicing and improving your accuracy. The 5 SPOT and 3 SPOT options allow for various shooting scenarios, and the Vegas-style scoring adds an element of excitement and competition to your practice sessions. Whether you’re looking to up your game or enjoy the sport of archery, these targets are an excellent investment for any archer.

Overall, Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets are great accessories for anyone trying to improve their accuracy. Another bonus is that they are inexpensive and affordable. The best way to use these targets would be to buy a pack and combine them with the many bag and block targets out there.

This gives them solid backing for target shooting and solid support to receive the arrows. These targets are also very inexpensive. Buy several packs so that you will be able to keep on practicing for a long time.


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