Basic Bow Hunter gear

Below are some of the basic bow hunter gear that you would require while you go for the hunting


Bow Sight

Just as you would use the sight of a gun. A bow sight lines up your arrow and your target.


Bow Stabilizer

Hunters use bow stabilizers for a number of reasons.

  • It gives balance to the bow, making it stable when shooting a target.
  • A stabilizer reduces the vibration to silence the shot.

Arrow Rest

Holds the arrow in the same spot every time you load one in, when drawing and when it’s finally time to shoot.


An archer’s ammunition. Broadheads for hunting and field points for practice.

Archery Quiver

A convenient piece of equipment that holds your arrows for the next shot.


Field-point Arrows

Mainly used for target practice, field-point tips are made to fly smoothly through the air and pulled off from a target with the least amount of force.

These are more accurate than broadheads but are illegal for use in hunting because these make smaller entrance holes which causes an animal to suffer slow deaths.

Broadhead Arrows

Broadhead tips are used for hunting alone. These are designed to pierce through thick animal hide and vitals with lethal entry wounds while making noticeable blood trails.

These are highly affected by external conditions during flight due to its blade surface and blade count.

  • Fixed blade tips
  • Mechanical blade tips
  • Removable blade tips
  • Chiseled point or cut-on-contact tips


  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Hunters Clothing


  • Field Knife
  • Lighter / Matches
  • GPS


Basic Bowhunting Gear


  1. Donald Aguas Reply

    What are things that every new hunter should buy before they start hunting or get their license?

  2. BossTargets Reply

    Depends on the type of hunting and what you’re hunting for. Also, practice at least once a week that will help you build a more strength. Be patient, take time to get your first hunting.

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