6 Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews

[Updated 1 July 2022] Do you use a Single Pin Bow Sight? If so, then you know that Single Pin Bow Sights are a great way to upgrade your bowhunting experience. Single Pin Bow Sights help with accuracy and precision by providing the hunter with an exact aiming point for each shot they take. A Single Pin Bow sight can also make it easier for hunters of all ages to hunt. There are many different Single Pin Bow Sights on the market today; some work better than others! This blog post, review six of the best Single Pin bow sights on the market today!

For hunters, a single-pin bow sight is ideal because multi-pin sights may be overwhelming for some. Too many pins might obstruct your vision and cause you to make the incorrect selection.

If this has happened to you as well, the single-pin bow sight is the ideal option for you. A single pin allows you to know where you’re shooting the prey, in addition to reducing confusion. An outstanding single-pin bow sight also allows shooting at a distance.


1: HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

Lo and behold! For a decade, the Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice award winner has arrived in our home!

The single-pin bow sight is an excellent choice for bowhunters made in the United States. Here are the characteristics of this winner:

  • For setting up targets to 20 or 80 yards, yardage tapes are provided.
  • These lights are constructed of highly bright fiber optic and last a long time.
  • Fiber optic cables are often installed inside aluminum enclosures. The ARMOR pin technology to ensures durability.
  • RDS technology for yardage adjustments.
  • The scope is designed to be accurate out to 100 yards.

The HHA Optimizer is a small sight with a single pin that eliminates the drama and displays results!

You can see it much better with this sight, even in low light. There’s no question that the Optimizer is an excellent option for both bowhunters and 3D shooters!

The most remarkable feature about this award-winning single-pin bow sight is that it will be used for success every time because of its long life.


2: Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge Pursuit is one of the most cost-effective and accurate hunting bow sights available. It’s not only high-quality but also highly affordable! If you’re a novice, this single-pin bow sight is ideal for you!

With the minimum amount of changes and maximum comfort, you’ll be fond of hunting with a clear perspective! Take a look at the characteristics, and let’s talk about what we like about this scope.

• Lightweight Aluminum body.

• Precision in low-light improves.

• Assists with muscle memory, form, and consistency.

• Brush is made of Delrin, which has no metal-to-metal contact.

• Fibre optic pin.

• Second and third axis adjustment.

• Mechanical rheostat light.

This Trophy Ridge is fantastic, as the name implies. This hunting bow sight’s price belies the fact that hunting can be enjoyable.

Thanks to the second and third axis adjustments, the target hit is guaranteed if you shoot downhill or from a high tree stand.

The Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight is entirely silent and will not draw your attention, allowing you to know that you hit the target when you shoot!

The single-pin bow sight does not have a split-pin adjustment system, but it is more accurate than most other sights on the market. You’ll need an Allen Wrench to adjust wind while using this single pin bow sight, and the entire housing will require a manual shift. However, all of the advantages are well worth it.


3: TRUGLO Pendulum Sight

The Truglo Pendulum Sight is ideal for tree stands and long-distance shooting. It’s the right choice for people who prefer single-pin bow sights, whether you’re on a tree or at a distance. Bowhunting is particularly difficult since you must be quiet, inconspicuous, and decisive.

The quality of your vehicle’s final product is a direct consequence of the position that you assume while drawing. As a result, attempting to figure out how long to shoot based on numerous pins might become too time-consuming.

Accessories are chosen depending on the user’s preference and working style. However, if you’re a single-pin sight kind of guy, this bow sight will help you hit the bull’s eye without thinking.

The following are the characteristics of Pendulum Bow Sight:

  • CNC aluminum is used to make it.
  • Made from the finest materials and using high-precision technology, it is made to exacting standards.
  • It’s also completely quiet.
  • It’s great for target shooting when the pendulum is in place.
  • The best target distance is 30 yards.
  • Yardline tapes come pre-printed.

Not to mention the tool-less micro-adjust windage, which makes it ideal for those of you who don’t want to spend any time on accessories.

Finally, while bow hunting, no distractions are preferable. This implies that if you want to focus on hitting the target, you shouldn’t be concerned about numerous pins, focus, or distance evaluation. The single pin pendulum is a noise-free bow sight with full success potential.

4: Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Father Wrapped Bow Single Sight

A costly bow sight might appear to be a deterrent, but keep in mind that all essential items must be justified by their superior qualities!

Buying Spot Hogg may not be a good idea if you compare it to other single-pin bow sights. However, consider the benefits before making your decision:

  • The ability to make precise adjustments in elevation and windage.
  • Adjustments may be made to the second and third axis levels.
  • At full draw, it offers an extra reference point.
  • Sight marks should be spread out to provide clarity.
  • The locking mechanism is smooth.
  • There’s a rack and a travel bag that can be removed.
  • Knobs and sight scale with laser engravings.
  • MRT technology.

This single-pin bow sight is available in various configurations, and left-handed or right-handed hunters can use it with equal ease. Tommy Hogg provides several pin options, so you’ll need to type in “one-pin” rather than “multi-pin.”

The micro-adjustment pointer on this bow sight allows you to adjust the elevation and windage. Without the use of tools, horizontal and vertical pin adjustments are possible as well. It’s simple to use since the yardage knob is big, and there are laser engravings on the knobs and scales.

The light aluminum body is durable and robust. It provides more than any other bow sight because of its sturdy construction. There’s a detachable rack and a travel bag included with the sight.

This single-pin bow sight provides comfort while also ensuring that you hit your target and take down animals. The most praised aspect of this pricey yet accurate hunting bow sight is its ability to ensure the success of hitting your aim and taking down prey.

5: APEX Gear Covert 

We’re back in the mid-range now, with the Apex Covert being an excellent option! The Apex Gear Covert comes with Versa-pin technology, which is one of its many innovative characteristics. Take a look at some of the highlights listed below:

  • Left-hand and Right-hand adjustment.
  • 2, and 3 axis adjustments available in Micro push-button light,
  • “0.019″ to 0.010” is the range of adjustment with a single pin bow sight, allowing switching between these diameters.
  • The LED light and low-light indications help to ensure that you can see where you’re going after dark. It allows vision in the dark.
  • The indicator pin, on the other hand, maybe used to maintain precision.
  • The housing has tilt adjustments and work with horizontal and vertical workable apertures.
  • Adjustments for single-hand and gravity lines are possible.

If you’re having trouble picking out colors, this is the pin sight for you! You may select the pin color, which makes it easier to see because of its bright light against the dark hour landscape.

The 0.010″ and 0.019″ fiber optic pins are interchangeable, making it an exceedingly quick and straightforward choice. There’s a good chance you’ll feel most at ease with the Apex Gear Covert, given all of the adjustments!

This bow sight demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an accessory that can give alternatives.

Now, with the adjustments, you may use the sight for various conditions by making just one purchase.

6: TRUGLO Range Rover Pro

And here’s a bonus choice for those who enjoy experimenting with unusual but comparable bow sights! Truglo is a pioneer in regards to sights, and many hunters stick to them exclusively.

Truglo’s bow sight selection is rather broad, but it is not overwhelming. You may believe that among the numerous outstanding choices available under this brand, you will discover your ideal single-pin bow sight.

The Range Rover Pro offers several modern features that boost its credentials and improve its appearance! This pin bow sight is both slim and technical, yet it’s easy to operate even if you have another dependable bow sight!

The Range Rover Pro has a long-lasting battery. The following are the characteristics of this model:

• Setup is easy for 80 Pre-marked tapes.

• Solid sight tape kit and micro-adjust windage.

• Right or left hand orientation operation. 

• Shooter’s sight ring glows in the dark.

• The view is large field.

• Windage adjustment is made without the use of tools.

It does not contain a pin, but it does have one! However, we felt free to add it to the single-pin bow sight list because it doesn’t have complicated pins!

Another advantage is that, like single pin bow sights, this sight has minimal adjustment requirements, making it comparable to many single-pin bow sights. This sight is interested to learn more. 

However, the Range Rover Pro’s advanced features make it an excellent choice for novices and seasoned hunters who seek a simple sight that delivers results. Instead of pins, you can see a dot through the sight.

This bow sight has eleven adjustable brightness settings, and the dot adjusts the aim without a cluttered view!

In addition, the design of this sight improves accuracy, which is why we included it on the list even though it does not have a pin but rather a dot to lead you to success!

Final Words

When purchasing hunting accessories and improvement tools, bow sight is critical since it allows for a clear view and a guaranteed hit.

Single-pin bow sights are more convenient for hunters who want to make fewer adjustments and don’t want to deal with multiple pins.

We’ve compiled a list of the top six most popular and well-liked hunting bow sights for you to go on your next hunting adventure with minimal fuss and effort.

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