Bear Cruzer Compound Bow

Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 August 2022] The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is an excellent bow for a hunter wanting to venture into the woods. Although it doesn’t have amazing performance, it would be more than enough for the typical hunting situation. The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty from Bear and a reputation for producing high-quality bows for the past half-century. This bow may be worth a closer look if you’re looking for a bow that won’t wow you but can pile up arrows in the bull.


Some wild places in this world beckon to us more loudly than others. Some people feel most at ease in the canyons, while others prefer a view of the stars and the scent of a campfire.

If you prefer being out in nature and want to take on the ultimate challenge of bow hunting, the Bear Cruzer Compound Bow may be a useful gadget. The bows’ sturdy design makes them perfect for hunters who want to tag out and store meat without breaking the bank. If you need a bow that can adapt to the rigors of hunting, the Cruzer could be ideal.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Rugged and simple construction
  • 5 color choices
  • Accurate
What We Don’t Like
  • IBO Speed
  • Limited draw weight range


Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):310
Bow Weight (lbs)4
Brace Height (inches):7.25
Axle-To-Axle (inches):32.25
Draw Length Range:24-31″
Draw Weight Range:50-70
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:Low-Mid
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Limited Lifetime


In-Depth Review


The Bear Cruzer’s riser is in the mid-range, which is to be expected from a bow in this price range. It’s made of a solid chunk of aluminum, which means it’s both sturdy and light. This feature makes it perfect for someone searching for a tough bow that isn’t expecting anything ordinary. The riser also has a single string stop on the belly, which is beneficial for reducing the bow’s noise on the shot.

Finally, this system’s cable slide is the same one that Bear has employed for years. Others would disregard it, while others would admire its track record of dependability.


The grip has been built right into the riser. The small grip on this Bear bow is quite common, and it has a slim design that makes it pleasant to hold. The designers also attempted to minimize the riser in such a manner that you may address the bow in the same way, every time. It’s essential to be able to grab the same way every time to achieve good precision.

Cam System

The single-cam Cruzer S7 cam system is a smooth drawing mechanism. Single cams bows tend to be less effective than dual cam bows, but they are also more accurate. Another advantage of the single-cam setup is the ease of calibration. Dual cam bows can have their cams fall out of time, whereas single cam bows don’t.

This bow also has a very comfortable valley, allowing the shooter to relax at full draw. Many shooters are attracted to the draw cycle’s large valley, but it is particularly ideal for new shooters. The Cruzer is a good choice if you want a bow that is pleasant to draw and simple to maintain but isn’t looking for a speed demon.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is a self-adjusting bow that, like many others these days, can be easily adjusted by yourself with the aid of a few Allen wrenches. You may easily change the draw weight by 10 pounds by rotating the limb bolts. This option is ideal for individuals who want a general notion of what poundage they prefer to shoot and doesn’t require a large range of alternatives.

To alter the draw length, you must first remove a few Allen bolts from within the cam. Refer to the owner’s manual to figure out what the module setting requires. It can be quickly adjusted from 24″ to 31″ in draw length without the use of a bow press. This is perfect for people who enjoy doing repairs and fine-tuning their own equipment.


This bow’s limbs are a nice set of split limbs that can do the job. They come in 50-60 pound versions and 60-70 pound versions. For the most part, this is a better fit for those who have an idea of how much weight they like to shoot. The store also added the Bear Trap limb pocket to go above and beyond. The limb pockets are made of metal, which will last as long as the bow itself. This makes it an excellent bow for hard usage, yet again.


In the design area, the Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is rather ordinary. It features standard waffling and branding seen on other Bear bows. This bow may still have what you want in terms of color selection for the archer who wants to stand out. The Cruzer is available in five color options: RealTree, shadow, olive, sand, and orange. It’s possible that modifying your bow doesn’t have an impact on the performance, but it might be a nice added feature.


In terms of shootability, the Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is an excellent bow for most archers. This bow has a 32.25″ axle to axle and a 7.25″ brace height, making it more forgiving than other bows on the market. This function is helpful for a novice archer who doesn’t have many arrows. The 80 percent let-off of this bow is another interesting feature. You should be able to keep this bow steady for significant periods of time while shooting targets or hunting at 80%. The lack of a completely solid back wall is the only negative aspect of this bow. Solid back walls are usually preferable, although they are not something an average archer would be able to detect. Although there is a stop on this bow, it appears to have some play when held at full draw.


How does it compare?

Bear Cruzer vs. Escape

If the Cruzer isn’t delivering exactly what you want, the Bear Escape may be a better option for you. The Bear Escape is one of Bear’s most popular bows, capable of shooting arrows downrange at 350 feet per second.

This type of speed aids the arrow in closing the gap faster while also allowing the bow to shoot very flat. Those two important factors lead some hunters to choose a fast and flat shooting bow.

The Bear Escape also went all out, adding a hinge cable guard and new limb pockets. The Escape is a smart option if you’re searching for Bear’s cutting-edge design.

Bear Cruzer vs. Infinite Edge Pro

If you want a bow that can be adapted to any situation, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro may be worth a look. The Edge series is extremely adaptable, and the Pro version is the most recent.

The draw weight of this bow can range from a chipmunk scaring 5 pounds to an elk hunting 70 pounds. There are several shooters who would benefit from the numerous advantages of versatility. In addition to providing a variety of draw weights, this bow’s draw length can be changed from 13″ to 31″. This is a fantastic benefit for any young shooter who would otherwise outgrow a bow in less than a year.

Bear Cruzer vs. Brute Force

The PSE Brute Force is another bow that rivals the Cruzer. The performance of the mid-range compound bow surpasses that of the Cruzer, shooting arrows downrange at 332 fps.

The extra speed might be the boost you’re searching for if you want to hunt skittish whitetails. Second, the PSE is a bow with two cams and uses the same cams as their top Bow Madness line. These cams are well-known for being smooth and powerful.

The Brute cams are a strong alternative if you don’t mind the extra difficulties a twin-cam bow may bring. Finally, this PSE bow has a wider range of draw weight and may be adjusted within a 20-pound range. The extra range is ideal for shooters who like to try out different configurations or are unsure about what draw weight they can manage.



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