Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow

Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 August 2022] The Diamond Edge SB-1 is a mid-range bow that offers good performance and it is also suitable for all types of Archers in Archery shooting. It’s perfect for archers who are just getting started because of its excellent draw weight and draw length adjustments. It also has enough performance to serve as an effective choice for shooters of all sizes. The binary cams provide decent performance while providing a comfortable draw that all shooters will appreciate, and they take the hassle out of fine-tuning. A non-transferable lifetime warranty also covers the SB-1, so it’s a bow that will last for years and years.



Every archer has different requirements. Some seek performance. Comfort is a crucial factor that many people consider. Some hunters are still seeking a bow that is adorned with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.

Over the last decade, Diamond has built a reputation for delivering bows with excellent performance, accuracy, and some of the most adjustable features available.

The Diamond Edge SB-1 is one of the most recent efforts to give archers of all sizes the perfect bow, allowing you to make it what you want it to be. This is your bow, as the firm claims when promoting it.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Adjustability
  • Accuracy
  • High performance cams
What We Don’t Like
  • Fairly loud
  • Vibration upon the shot


Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):318
Bow Weight (lbs)3.6
Brace Height (inches):7
Axle-To-Axle (inches):31
Draw Length Range:15-30″
Draw Weight Range:7-70 lbs
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:Mid
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Non transferable lifetime

Compound Comparison Tables

We update the comparison table with all of the bows we’ve reviewed (and some we haven’t yet). They’re a fantastic way to get a brief idea of what’s available and discover something that meets your needs. We’ve also compiled an in-depth tutorial that explains what each feature and specification implies as part of our article on the best compounds.



In-Depth Review


The Diamond Edge SB-1’s riser is sturdy but lacks any distinctive features.

It’s made of solid aluminum and has a great size to strength ratio because of it. The riser’s cutouts are rather large, resulting in a lot of dead space. By eliminating useless space, Diamond was able to bring the weight of this bow down to 3.6 pounds. Backcountry Hunters and shooters who lack a lot of strength appreciate light bows.

There aren’t many bows lighter than the SB-1, although there are a few.


Many mid-range bows cut corners when it comes to the grip. On the SB-1, it’s not the case. It’s also got a thin grip that is easy to hold and shoot repeatedly. Creating a grip that allows for repeatability is crucial since poor accuracy may be caused by grabbing the bow in entirely different ways every shot.

Cam System

The Binary Cam system installed on the Diamond Edge SB-1 is one of its most popular features. Bowtech’s (Diamond’s parent firm) finest cams, with a few excellent features. These Binary Cams are also said to be linked to one another.

This twin cam bow will require less maintenance and tuning than most because it is driven by cams linked together. If you’re a novice shooter or just don’t enjoy tinkering with your setup, this is definitely something to consider.

Second, the Binary Cams is a design that makes drawing this bow simple, making it ideal for someone who frequently shoots arrows.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

The Diamond Edge SB-1 shines in this scenario. The SB-1, like several other Diamond bows, is highly adjustable in both dimensions. This bow’s draw length may be changed with only a standard Allen wrench/hex key within seconds, from 15″ to 30″. This is a fantastic feature for various reasons, but the most important to young and developing archers.

This bow is suitable for 99% of shooters according to the draw weight. It can be adjusted with a draw weight ranging from 7 pounds to 70 pounds. This sort of feature is ideal for archers who are just getting started, but even experienced archers will appreciate it, and they may want to reduce the poundage in the off-season.

The EZ Adjust Pocket system in the limbs pocket is one of Diamond’s unique features on this bow. Diamond’s previous adjustable bows didn’t include a gauge to show how far each limb bolt had been rotated in or out. The EZ Adjust solution eliminates this issue, ensuring that your limbs are balanced evenly on top and bottom.


The Diamond Edge SB-1’s solid carbon composite limbs are as solid as a rock and should last for many years. If you want to keep a bow for several years, you’ll appreciate this type of dependability.


In the field of appearance, the SB-1 is a beautiful bow. The four-color alternatives for this bow are Black Ops, Blue Blaze, Purple Blaze, and Mossy Oak Breakup Country. Different color alternatives allow you to select a bow that truly reflects your own character.

Many bows don’t include the Blue Blaze or Purple Blaze hues, so if you want a bow that catches your eye, they could be a smart option. The Diamond bow has some branding on the limbs and two plates on the grip, in terms of branding. Brand branding isn’t an issue with this bow, and it’s a nice-looking archery bow.


It’s a solid shooter because of the Binary Cams on this bow. The cams have a smooth draw but no rock-hard back wall. Even if it feels “spongy,” the overall performance does not suffer as a result.

7″ brace height is an excellent design feature of this bow. A more extended brace height is regarded as more forgiving, thus improving the overall accuracy of the bow. Additionally, the bow still has respectable performance with 318 fps arrow speeds, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to hunt.

Although this bow is accurate, you may believe it to be noisy and cause some vibration on the shot. While it doesn’t greatly influence the accuracy, it may be an issue for hunters, especially those who take long-range shots on big game animals.

Bows that are too loud, particularly those with slower arrow speeds, result in animals leaping the string and receiving severe injuries. It should not be much of an issue if you take ethical shots at unaware animals and maintain them at modest distances.


“How does it compare?”

SB-1 vs. Cruzer

Another archery bow to consider if the adjustability of the Diamond Edge SB-1 appeals to you is the Bear Cruzer G2.

The Cruzer G2, like the SB-1, has a vast draw weight range of 5 to 70 pounds. It has an adjustable draw length of 12″ to 30″. Both of these are fantastic advantages for all shooters, but they’re particularly beneficial to folks who are learning.

The Cruzer G2 also shoots arrows at a similar speed, zipping them at 315 fps. This arrow’s speed is comparable to the SB-1, making it ideal for the same hunting applications.

The G2 is a featherweight 3-pound bow, making it one of the lightest bows on the market.

SB-1 vs. Brute Force

If you want more performance from your bow than the SB-1, the PSE Brute Force is a smart choice.

This is a bow that shoots arrows downrange at 332 feet per second, which makes a significant difference in the field. With a smooth draw and an extremely solid back wall, it’s among the most comfortable shooters on the market. The PSE has also produced this bow to be dead in hand and almost silent when fired.

Although it lacks the same range as the SB-1, this bow may be purchased in 50, 60, or 70-pound versions that have a standard 10-pound spread. It has everything a high-end bow could have, from performance to shootability to accuracy.

SB-1 vs. Rage

The SAS Rage may be a good fit if you’ve checked out all of the preceding bows but feel they’re just outside your price range. A budget economy bow is still a viable option with intriguing features. At 270 frames per second, the Rage provides respectable arrow speed. However, since it makes a noticeable noise on the shot, it is ideal for hunters who shoot no more than 20 yards.

The Rage may be adjusted from 55 to 70 pounds of draw weight and from 26 to 30 inches in draw length in terms of draw weight and length. It might be a bow worth considering if you’re seeking to get into the exciting activity of archery.


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