Bear Escape Compound Bow

Bear Escape Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 July 2022] The Bear Escape Compound Bow is one of the best bows available and deserves a look if you’re searching for a genuine flagship model. It’s not only the top-end speed and accuracy you’d anticipate from a top bow, but it also has the style to match. This bow is a joy to shoot for experienced shooters, and it’s also relatively quiet.


Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Styling
What We Don’t Like
  • Short axle to axle
  • Short brace height


Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):350
Bow Weight (lbs)4
Brace Height (inches):6
Axle-To-Axle (inches):32
Draw Length Range:25.5-30″
Draw Weight Range:45-70
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:High
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Limited Lifetime




The escape archery provides one of the more pleasurable aspects of the sport. Archery provides us with an opportunity to relax and unwind from the everyday stresses of life. It can be rather hectic, after all. In 2016, Bear launched a flagship bow that might help you enjoy your adventures on the range. The Bear Escape Compound Bow is a high-performance bow with an excellent reputation. This bow is ideal for anyone wanting to see how far they can take their abilities.

In-Depth Review


The Bear Escape Compound Bow’s machined aluminum riser is a high-quality riser with a few elements to note. The riser has been tapped to allow it to accept any gadget you desire. This is a bonus that will allow you to mount your stabilizers, quivers, and sights without difficulty. Furthermore, there are a few string stoppers on the belly of the bow. These string stoppers are positioned at the top and bottom of the bow, which makes a big difference in terms of quietness. Finally, the Bear Escape has a unique cable protector known as the Bear Hinge Guard. This system has been created with the intention of lowering lateral torque on the bow, which will aid in improving overall accuracy.


The engineers paid close attention to the Bear Escape Compound Bow’s grip to make it stand out. This Bear bow has an integrated grip built right into the riser, much like other bows in the Bear family. Unlike its other bows, the Escape comes with a rubbery grip, which can be added if you want a different feel. The bow is quite versatile, and this versatility should make it the most comfortable in your hand.

Cam System

Bear decided to put their H15 cam system on the Escape. The dual cams in this bow are largely responsible for the 350 fps arrow speeds. For a variety of reasons, many shooters enjoy using fast bows. Fast arrows will not only close the distance between a hunter and their target faster, but they also shoot flatter, making aiming easier. The cams of the Escape, like the grip of the bow, are adjustable. You can alter the draw length by simply rotating the modules, and you may also choose between a cable stop and a limb stop. The independent adjustment enables you to pick between a softer back wall as a cable stop and a harder back wall with the limb stop, making it ideal for fine-tuning.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

The bow’s draw weight can be altered by rotating limb bolts on the limb. The Escape, like other bows, has 15-pound weight adjustments. The Escape has a longer range than most other bows, which will appeal to shooters searching for more distance. The modules on the cams may also be quickly rotated to alter the draw length. This task may be completed without the need for a Bow Press, allowing you to tinker with your own bows in your store.


The split limb of this Bear bow was originally unique, but it now has several nice features that were new to Bear bows when they debuted. For one thing, Bear updated the limb pockets on the bow. This not only was intended to improve the accuracy of the bow, but it also modified the style. Furthermore, Bear installed a few dampeners on the bow’s limbs to reduce noise. This would be quite beneficial to hunters in the field.


The Bear Escape Compound Bow is a stylish bow that offers plenty of personalities. The design of this bow is based on the waffling technique it employs. Waffling is simply typical these days, but Bear added longer cuts to this bow, giving it a distinct look overall. This is a fantastic choice for individuals who want their bow to stand out during a shoot. Second, the Escape is available in four distinct hues: shadow, olive, sand, and RealTree. The olive and sand are one-of-a-kinds, and they may make a fantastic bow. This bow has a little more branding than other Bear bows, but it’s not excessively so. The grip, the riser, and the limbs all include the Bear logo. It also has a tiny “B” on the limb pockets, something other Bear bows don’t have. If you’re searching for an unusual Bear bow, the Escape is a good option.


Is the Bear Escape Compound Bow a good performer where it matters? In terms of shootability, this bow surpasses the competition for various reasons. The reputation for being a quiet shooter is well-deserved for this archery bow. For individuals who want to go hunting in the woods, quiet bows are a must. For an experienced shooter, the Escape is not only quiet but also an accurate bow. This is a touchy shooter with a 32″ axles to axle and 6″ brace height. If you’re an expert archer with a clean release and good follow-through, the Escape won’t cause any issues.


How does it compare?

Escape vs. Infinite Edge Pro

If you’re searching for a unique shooting experience, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro (our review is here) is a good alternative. The Edge Pro is not only intended to cater to the demands of mature shooters, but it’s also ideal for up-and-coming archers. Several factors enhance this reputation. The draw weight range of the bow is from 5 to 70 pounds. This wide range is perfect for a young archer who wants to advance with a bow.

However, it has enough power for a serious Bow Hunter on the positive side. The draw weight and draw length are both readily adjustable. From 13″ to 31″, the draw length can be adjusted. This extends the bow’s range on the bottom end while also adding an extra inch of draw length for long-armed shooters. While a good investment, this bow can’t compare to the Escape in terms of arrow speed or accuracy.

Escape vs. Carbon Knight

If you don’t believe the Bear Escape is ideal for you, consider checking out the Bowtech Carbon Knight, which is a comparable flagship bow. The carbon riser bow is also fantastic. The carbon riser not only makes this bow incredibly light (3.2 pounds), but it also makes the bow easier to control in cold weather.

This bow is comparable to the Escape in terms of shootability. It’s shorter by an inch in the axle to axle measurement, but it’s longer by an inch in the brace height. The Knight is a good bow for experienced archers because of its measurements. Finally, if you go with the Knight over the Escape, you will lose a little bit of speed. The Knight continues to zip through the chronograph at 335 feet per second.

Escape vs. Brute Force

If you’re seeking top-of-the-line quality but can’t afford to pay top dollar, the PSE Brute Force is good (our review is here). This popular bow from PSE is a decent shooting bow that is more adaptable than the Bear Escape in draw weight.

The Brute has #50, #60, or #70 limbs, and the weight range for these limbs is 20 pounds. It would be great for a newbie or someone coming off an injury. The cams on the Brute Force are another excellent feature. The cams are the same as those on the top-rated PSE Bow Madness series.

They’ve built a reputation for being quick yet effortless to draw. On the negative side, the Brute clocks at 330 feet per second, which is 20 fps slower than the Escape.


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