What’s the best crossbow for young Archers?

[Updated 1 January 2024] Are you a young archer? Are you looking for the best crossbow to learn and practice with? You are in the right place. In this review, we will only cover the finest crossbows in the market. A crossbow that shoots like lightning and is light in your hand is the best choice if you are starting or upgrading.

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Sometimes, finding the best crossbow is challenging, especially a unique, hand-picked model. But if you land on the right one, it will be a turning point. This kind of crossbow can open doors to an exciting hobby, and provide a reason to spend more time in the wild.

A crossbow is a powerful tool with a value-added sight range that cannot be compared to any ordinary bow and arrow. After learning more about crossbows, you will fall in love with them. Even though crossbows were invented back in the Middle Ages, they have continued to evolve into advanced designs and models that modern young archers are finding irresistible. In today’s market, you can try out a wide range of crossbows and arrowheads in the present day and still be spoiled for choices.

Keep reading to learn more about our suggestion for the best crossbows for young archers. 

How to select the best crossbow 

SelectCrossbow 1200x1200pxWhen shopping for a crossbow, consider is how it fits you. Do you love it? Does it feel right?  The following are a few essential specifications that you should look for in a crossbow before running to the ATM to make a purchase:

  • Brace height – This is the point between the rise and the string. A short distance depicts how fast the bow will travel. However, this requires proper handling when shooting the arrow as the bow is slightly tight when the brace height is short.
  • Draw weight – This is described as the rate of force that archers place in a string to generate a penetrating impact upon releasing the arrow. When the draw weight is high, the penetration outcome will be profound.
  • The model of crossbow – You can select either a recurve crossbow or a compound crossbow. Typically, compound crossbows are designed with a couple of cables and a robust pulley framework, which help draw weight for precision and speed. They are also lightweight, meaning that archers can carry one around more easily.  This is helpful for younger, novice archers. Conversely, the recurve crossbow differs from the compound bow as it has few cables and pulleys. It is easy to use for a young archer but often has a low speed and excess weight as compared to the compound crossbow.

With this information on how to select the best crossbow, you should be good to go! Choose one that fits you perfectly from a list of 5 crossbows that we have selected based on overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and recommendations..

5 best crossbows for young archers (** 16 or older**)

Barnett Jackal Package

Barnett Jackal Crossbow PackageIf you are starting as a young archer, check out the Barnett Jackal Package. This is considered to be the best beginner crossbow. It may be a little pricy, but the higher the price of the crossbows, the greater the quality. This is one of the most commonly used crossbows for archery.  

This easy-to-assemble crossbow is packaged with several bolts, a quiver, and a red dot sight.  You can start using the bow right after unpacking it from the box. Any beginner can put it together in a matter of minutes, especially by following the information provided.


  • High-quality
  • Finely-designed, making it appealing to a young archer
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable based on the quality and features


  • Somewhat noisy
  • May be costly for beginners


Arrow Precision Inferno Firestorm

Arrow Precision Inferno FirestormIf you are looking for an affordable recurve crossbow, look at this bow. The Arrow Precision Inferno Firestorm is one of a kind. It balances quality and affordability for crossbow enthusiasts who are working on a tight budget. If you need a lightweight crossbow that is easy to use and move around with, look no further. This crossbow comes with everything that you need to start hitting targets, including the red dot sight for incredible accuracy.

Young archers will be amazed by the speed and power that this crossbow is capable of.  It may not be designed to hunt down big game, but it can send a young deer sprawling like a rag doll. You may need to work within a 20 or 30-yard range to score a good shot. But, with little effort, you can apply a cocking device to draw the limb weight, and that’s it. It’s the ideal crossbow for training and practicing as you gain more skills and experience.


  • Affordable
  • Best for target training and precision practice
  • Easy to use


CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow

CenterPoint Archery has developed a new crossbow, the CP400, which employs licensed HeliCoil technology. The product has a sturdy feel, lightweight design and will help you enjoy the ultimate hunting experience whether you’re an amateur or professional hunter.

centerpointThe maximum speed of the fully-drawn arrow shot from this bow is 400 fps, surpassing expectations in 3D shooting and the field. The crossbow comes with all accessories, allowing you to start hunting immediately.


  • The CNC-Machined Cam System has licensed HeliCoil technology, ensuring its perfectly balanced cams.
  • Unlike similarly-priced options, the new compact CP400 crossbow ensures your hand doesn’t continue to ache even after several hours of use and easily maneuvers.
  • The compact design makes this crossbow easy to carry, and the axle-to-axle fully drawn length is inches.
  • This crossbow’s main selling point is its high accuracy and speed. At 400 fps, it has a maximum punch of 142 ft-lbs. This way, you can easily find your target, whether in the wild or on a range field.


  • The item only comes with three arrows, so purchasing a few additional sets is beneficial if you want to practice and increase shooting skills.


Excalibur Matrix 380 

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow PackageThe introduction of the Excalibur Matrix 380 version of the crossbow has sparked a significant change in the archery competition industry. This is an innovative crossbow that introduces more compatibility, reliability, and fantastic speeds. With speeds of almost 380 feet per second, this recurve crossbow is taking the lead in fast and precision shooting. Its ability to go nearly 40 yards in a quick shot makes it even more inconceivable. 

Excalibur Matrix 380 brings power closer to young archers’ hands. Bringing down big game with a couple of shots is as simple as playing darts. Indeed, you may need to hone some skills to level-up shots on target, but with practice, you can easily be the talk of the town. Furthermore, a well-crafted bow and a touch of patience are all you need to make a name for yourself.

A complete package includes a quiver with roughly four arrows, a cocking string aid, a unique bow sight, four bolts, and four field points. If you have just the right budget, nothing can stand in your way of the target.


  • Fine scope
  • High-quality finish
  • Extremely lightweight – almost 5.9 pounds
  • Overly powerful


  • The draw weight may be challenging to handle at first, especially for a young archer


TenPoint Turbo GT 

TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow PackageIf you are young and excited by speed and toughness in crossbows, then TenPoint Turbo GT is your perfect match. The name suggests power and speed, all in one combination.  TenPoint Turbo GT is earning awards for the right reasons. It won’t fail you! The recent improvements to this crossbow, such as reduced weight, increased speed, and miniature framework, catapults it to the top most-preferred crossbows for young archers. 

It is fully equipped with the essential features that give you pleasure in hitting the target. Many pro hunters claim that it is seamless when making adjustments, allowing you to quickly find the sweet spot. 

With a total speed of almost 360 feet per second, this bow is all you need in a stiff archery competition. The manufacturer packages every necessary item you need when out in the woods, including a set of arrows, a stylish quiver, and a scope. No game will leave your sight with this crossbow in hand. 


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Integrates a hunting pack
  • Fast and efficient


  • May need noise suppressors to lower noise and vibrations


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on crossbows

Q: What arrow sizes do I need?

A: It is essential to use the recommended arrows, but most of them range between 16 and 22 inches, as provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Is it possible to get a good crossbow for under $200?

A: Absolutely! There are many models and varieties of crossbows that you can buy without breaking the bank and still enjoy high-quality features.

Q: What can I learn from crossbows as a young archer?

A: A crossbow introduces you to the professional world of archery. You can become a pro archer by practicing, especially if you start young. 

Q: Must I be a licensed crossbow shooter?

A: Yes. Young children, under the age of 16 are required to have a license for using crossbows, as these are clustered under offensive weapons by law. However, it may be legal to carry a crossbow during archery competitions.

Q: What is the maximum range that a crossbow can shoot?

A: Powerful crossbows can shoot almost 500 yards. However, young archers almost always stay under 60 yards for safety reasons.

Q:  Am I allowed to use a crossbow in our backyard?

A: Shooting with a crossbow requires ample space. Of course, you will not want to shoot a sharp arrow directly to your neighbor’s yard or home because you can endanger someone’s life. Make sure you have a clear view, in an open space, for maximum safety.

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Finally, archery is becoming one of the most sought-after sports worldwide. More young people are taking their crossbow shooting skills to the next level, and it is indeed an enjoyable experience. Arrows have been part of hunting and sports throughout human history.  Most recently, it has been introduced in the sporting world. 

So many young people relish in the skill of making precision shots with crossbows. The love for shooting arrows to varying levels is growing fast. Archery is a leading sport that makes the use of crossbows legal and even Finding the best crossbow for young archers isn’t that hard after all. With a clear understanding of the type of crossbow you need and a reasonable budget, you can own a stunning crossbow of your own. Check out the 5 best crossbows that we have listed above. They are the most used crossbows and the finest in the market. 

You will hit the target every time by picking on one of the most trusted and recommended brands listed above. Grab a crossbow, master it, and shoot like a pro!


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