Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow

Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 August 2022] The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is a great bow for serious archers to mess with. It not only boasts a high arrow speed of 350 fps, but it is also extremely flexible. In truth, Bowtech created this bow so adaptable that it resembles buying three bows in one. If you’re searching for a premium, high-performance flagship bow, the Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is well worth a second look.

BOWTECH BT-X is not available anymore on Amazon and instead of that BOWTECH has comeup with their Diamond series


Trade-offs are something that consumers despise. We want our products to fulfill all of our desires, and we don’t want anything left out. Our bows are no exception. We’re searching for bows that deliver speed, comfort, and a great fit.

The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is a bow that tries to appeal to everyone. Although all bows have drawbacks, the Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow strives to be a bow that everyone can enjoy.

Bowtech developed a bow that allows the user to choose whether the bow is intended for speed or comfort. Regardless, shooting this bow is a dream come true for most people.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • High performance
  • Overdrive cam technology
  • Shootability
What We Don’t Like
  • Short axle to axle
  • All the adjustability may overwhelm a new archer


IBO Speed Rating (fps):350
Bow Weight (lbs)4.2
Brace Height (inches):6.25
Axle-To-Axle (inches):31
Draw Length Range:27″-31″
Draw Weight Range:40-80 lbs
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:High
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Non transferable lifetime


Compound Comparison Tables

We add each bow we evaluate (and some we haven’t yet) to our comparison tables. They’re a fantastic place to get a general idea of what’s available and locate something that matches your needs. As part of our article on the best compound bows, we also have a fantastic guide that explains what all characteristics and specifications imply.


In-Depth Review


The BT-X’s riser is made of a solid piece of machined aluminum. Aluminum has long been the most popular material for various reasons, including its lightweight and high strength. The model from Bowtech is more unusual than other models. It features a few unique cutouts, which add to the overall design of the bow.

If you want to stand out on the shooting range, this bow will undoubtedly get people’s attention.

The FLX roller guard system from Bowtech is one of the most notable features of this riser. For years, shooters have been concerned about how cable systems would torque the cams throughout the shot cycle. This system eliminates cable torque and contributes to the bow’s high accuracy.


The grip on the Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is a typical grip. Although some shooters find the slim grip to be a perfect fit for their hand, The grip, while popular among shooters, is distinctive and may take some archers a little time to get used to. If you have been shooting an alternative brand for many years, it may take a few weeks or longer to get comfortable with this bow.

Cam System

The BT-X’s cam system is likely to be the most interesting feature, especially for serious shooters. The Overdrive cam system was employed on this bow by Bowtech. These cams are constructed to be highly adjustable and allow the user to customize the bow to their own preferences. With these cams, Bowtech also introduced its new Powershift technology.

The draw force curve can be modified with the help of Powershift technology, which permits the shooter to pick one of three settings that alter the draw force curve. There are three options: one for comfort, one for speed, and another that finds a good balance. In reality, this adaptability is similar to obtaining three bows in one package. The Overdrive cams are a fantastic feature if you’re searching for a bow that you can just about guarantee will suit your demands.

Another aspect of this cam system worth noting is the Micro Sync dial. The Micro Sync dial is designed to eliminate the problem with timing that many twin-cam bows have. If you find that your cams are becoming slightly out of tune owing to string or cable stretching, simply turn the dial to correct them.

All of the tasks may be completed in minutes and without the need for a bow press. The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is a dream come true if you enjoy fiddling with your bow. However, if you’re a novice archer who isn’t familiar with bows or how they function, you could be overwhelmed by this bow and make it worse.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

With the idea of being able to change this bow’s draw length, Bowtech made it simple to alter. Some today’s bow makers are using readily adjustable cam modules to adjust draw length. The manual is very important in ensuring that your draw length is correct, as any mismatch will cause your bow to become misaligned rather quickly. The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is available in 50, 60, 70, or 80-pound configurations. The maximum draw weight for each configuration is noted and provides you with a ten-pound range. The draw weight of this bow may be adjusted by simply turning the limb bolts with a hex wrench. If you want a bow that can be quickly altered, this is an excellent choice.


The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow includes carbon core limbs from Bowtech. Composite limbs are today’s most common type, made of many different materials laminated together. These are high-quality limbs that can withstand the enormous pressure put on them, and they should last for years. Another advantage of having these powerful limbs is that they won’t bend much during exposure. It means you can do more accurate aiming because you won’t be moving around as much.


The range of color selections for this bow is another feature that you may appreciate as a shooter. The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is available in Realtree Xtra Green, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, BlackOps, Kryptek Typhon, and Kryptek Highlander.

This variety of color options can assist you in choosing a bow that not only suits your preferences but also blends into your hunting surroundings. The Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is a sharp-looking bow that comes with an exceptional riser design when combined.


As previously said, the Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow is meant to provide the shooter with three distinct experiences throughout the shot. This bow is quite comfortable to draw on the #3 setting. Although arrow speed degrades in this scenario, the loss is not significant.

At the #1 setting, this bow is intended for performance rather than comfort, so it suffers a bit. You’ll notice a stiffer draw in this setting, which is about as expected to attain the maximum speed. However, the main distinction about this bow is that it offers you three bows in one.

The draw is a little stiff for those seeking high fps, but it is ideal for speed freaks. Those who are not concerned with fps may discover a more pleasurable bow to shoot.


“How does it compare?”

Bowtech BTX vs Bear Cruzer G2

Another bow worth considering if you like the BT-X’s flexibility is the Bear Cruzer G-2.

This extremely flexible bow has a draw weight range of 5 to 70 pounds and adjusts in draw length from 12″ to 30″.

This bow is ideal for all ages and skill levels. It’s excellent for young archers who are still growing or new shooters.

That being said, this bow isn’t intended for children and still reaches speeds of 315 feet per second. It also has a low price tag than the BT-X.

Bowtech BTX vs. Carbon Knight

The Carbon Knight is another of Bowtech’s excellent bows, which would be a good place to start browsing for those interested in flagship bows.

The Carbon Knight compares favorably with the BT-X at 335 fps in terms of arrow speed. The carbon riser, perhaps the Carbon Knight’s most distinctive feature, is what sets it apart. Carbon fiber is light and durable material that can withstand significant usage.

They decided to employ carbon as the primary construction material, which resulted in a bow that weighs about 3 pounds. This feature is appreciated by anyone who carries their bow for long periods.

Bowtech BTX vs PSE Brute Force

Another viable alternative to the BT-X is the PSE Brute Force. The Brute Force includes Bow Madness cams, which are extremely popular among shooters for their performance and comfort. The BT-X takes a lot less maintenance because it has twin cams that may be adjusted without a bow press. Because these cams cannot be changed without a bow press, this bow will undoubtedly require more attention than the BT-X.

The Brute Force is a fantastic bow in the shooting department. It’s really sturdy on the back wall and has no creep, making it dead in hand. The Brute Force is one of the most accurate bows on the market today. The PSE has consistently produced highly precise bows, and the Brute Force continues to do so. Combine the precision with 332 fps arrow speeds, and you have a bow that’s more than challenging.


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