Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 February  2024] Diamond has yet again delivered a highly adaptable and flexible bow to growing and experienced shooters alike. This is the sort of bow that most people will never surpass. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is often marketed as a kid’s or lady’s bow. However, the range of adjustment possibilities is ideal for archers of all skill levels. This one will continue to improve with you rather than replacing your bow every two years as you get stronger or learn new skills. It’s simply a fantastic alternative for anybody, and it appears to be inspiring creativity among archery companies.


When a great concept strikes, what do outstanding enterprises do? Improve it. It’s the idea that has allowed technology like our computers to improve with each generation. We’ve received some really incredible things because businesses have been able to identify what they did well and areas where they could improve. Diamond Archery, for example, is a company that seeks to improve its Diamond Infinite Edge Pro compound bow constantly. The Edge bow is the second generation of this series, and it has several improvements over the original model.

Pros and Cons

  • Extremely Adjustable Draw Weight
  • 3 Color Choices
  • Extremely Adjustable Draw Length
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hunters may want to add string silencers
  • Square Grip

Our Rating

  • Quality: 4.6/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5
  • Accuracy: 4.4/5
  • Comfort: 4.2/5



Draw weight range (lbs):5 – 70
Draw length (min-max):13 – 31 (max on the non Pro model is only 30)
Weight (lbs):3.2
ATA Length (inches):31
Brace Height (inches):7
IBO Speed Rating (fps):310
Let Off:80% (previous model was only 75%)
Price Range:Medium
Handedness:Available for both LH and RH
Warranty:Non-transferable lifetime (Diamond Archery)



In-Depth Review


On the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, the riser is strong. It’s made of solid aluminum, like many bows nowadays. Overall, the riser is relatively modest. Its tiny frame and skeletonized appearance contribute to its very light 3.2 pounds of total weight. The lightweight makes it ideal for children. If the weight became too much, or if the riser was too big, young people would be unable to keep it still. The riser is available in three different finishes: solid black, mossy oak camo, and pink camo.


The grip on this bow is both practical and understated, much like the riser. It may look like a little square to you, as others have before. Grips that are more square might be a little more challenging to shoot. Despite the fact that this grip leans somewhat toward the square, it should not deter anyone from purchasing it. It is built to accommodate both hands of shooters of all sizes. If you want to enhance the grip, aftermarket custom grips are available. A custom grip isn’t essential, but it might improve your shooting experience.

Cam System

The cam system in the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is just as excellent as that of its precursor. The bow was one aspect where Diamond’s employees examined how they might enhance it. They decided to make an additional inch of draw length adjustment. By merely turning the modules on the cams, you may alter the draw length from 13″ to 31″. The extra inch makes the Edge Pro more appealing to a wider audience. It emphasizes the fact that this bow is not only for youngsters. Anybody may use this bow. Having the adjustable draw length is fantastic, especially for archers who are growing. In the past, when children outgrew their bows, they had to buy a new one or construct their own. This might prevent some parents from buying a bow for their 5 or 6-year-old. You may now purchase a bow for your youngster’s elementary school graduation and expect them to shoot it all the way through their high school career and beyond.

The “Infinity/Bowfishing” setting is a unique option on the device. This will allow the bow to be operated with no let-off. In this mode, it will keep most of its holding weight throughout the draw cycle. It also means that many individuals with various draw lengths can use it without requiring any modifications. When bow fishing or sharing, it’s very useful.


The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro’s limbs are also a primary selling point. They’re a well-made and versatile product. Limb bolts that may be adjusted to adjust draw weights are becoming increasingly common on compound bows today, but the Infinite Edge Pro takes it to a new level. You may change the draw weight of this bow from a dainty 5 pounds to an elk-slaying 70 pounds by turning the limb bolts (RMEF). There are several advantages to having such a wide selection. The first is for children who are just beginning to grow. The bow only takes a few turns as the kid grows older.

There are a variety of archers who may profit from this flexibility. New archers who haven’t yet developed their back muscles should start light and work their way up since they may not be capable of starting very strong. An expert archer who is having shoulder problems, or has recently undergone surgery, comes to mind. Archery puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and many archers suffer from shoulder pain (Stretchcoach). The adjustable draw weight might allow a mature archer to reduce their poundage in the off-season, then increase it for hunting season. That way, they can continue to enjoy watching arrows fly without suffering from excessive wear and tear.

On a side note, the flexibility comes with more shooter responsibility. It’s wonderful to be able to move your bow components about, but you must ensure that it’s done correctly. It’s critical that the limb bolts, for example, remain equally tight on both limbs (Diamond Archery). A good approach to make sure they stay consistent is to begin by fully tightening them and then backing out each bolt one complete turn at a time.


The Infinite Edge Pro is a typical example of good style. It is available in three colors: black, mossy oak, and pink camo. That being said, other than that, this bow doesn’t stand out. It has the Diamond logo on its limbs and is constructed of high-quality materials.


Finally, the Infinite Edge Pro is a fantastic bow for shooting. This bow is perfect for archers of all sizes. While this isn’t a high-end bow, most people would never outshoot it.

Diamond made a substantial upgrade to the Edge in this generation. They modified the cam profile, which increased the let-off to 80 percent. A high let-off can make a significant difference. When you reduce the let-off, you’re allowing the shooter to carry less weight, making aiming easier. They were able to do so while still employing a smooth draw that would assist novice users in having a positive first encounter. Engineers also added the solid rear wall. Having a solid back wall is really beneficial to stability and accuracy.

The Pro is not known for being loud, but it may benefit from a few accessories to reduce noise. You’ll want to add sound suppressors for those who intend to hunt.


How does it compare?

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro vs. SAS Siege

The SAS Siege. The Southland Archery Supply (SAS) is a well-known brand for bargain hunters. They’ve earned a name for creating decent and affordable hunting bows over time. While the Siege lacks draw weight compared to other bows, it has a weight range of 40-55 lbs weight range. This much is sufficient to hunt deer-sized animals and smaller ones. The Siege also has a large axle-to-axle measurement. Some people find the longer bow difficult, while others believe it is more forgiving. The goal is to acquire the best possible bow that matches your requirements. If you’re done growing, it’s a decent choice if you just want to go hunting with a simple bow.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro vs. Infinite Edge

The Infinite Edge is the first model of this series. The first-generation Edge is largely the same as the Pro, with a few modifications. It has a shorter axle to axle length and a draw length of only 30″. Finally, the Edge has a 75 percent let-off compared to the Pro’s 80%. All things considered, the first generation has dropped in price and may be purchased for less than the newer model. It may be worth a look if you’re in need of some money and aren’t overly concerned about the concessions.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro vs. Carbon Knight

The Bowtech Carbon Knight is a brand of the same company that creates the Edge Pro. It does, however, have many extra features that serious archers will appreciate. It also has a carbon riser and infused carbon limbs. While it continues to weigh the same as the Pro, carbon won’t get nearly as cold as aluminum, allowing for a more enjoyable late-season hunt. The Carbon Knight is a faster-shooting bow that can shoot arrows at a distance of 335 feet per second. The Knight is an excellent bow for the adult archer looking to go to the next level, but it isn’t quite as adjustable as the Pro.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro vs. Genesis Original

Go for it if you’re searching for a youth bow but can’t decide between the Edge Pro and the Genesis Original. But it has not the same caliber as the Pro; it can still be a bow enough for a young first-time archer. It has a draw weight range of 10 to 20 pounds and allows you to shoot arrows downrange. Unlike the Pro, which is more of a hunting bow, this Genesis bow can only be called a target bow. However, it is not prohibitively expensive, and it may develop an appreciation for archery in a young shooter.

About the Manufacturer

Diamond is a firm on a mission to bring customers the most cutting-edge and innovative archery goods available, paired with unrivaled customer service. They’re based in Oregon, where they have over 300 employees. With great joy, they produce bows in the United States.

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