Importance of Bow Protection with a Case

[Updated 1 August 2022] Bow Protection with a case is important to protect your archery gear from any type of breakage and to keep it safe. Archery equipment is a valuable investment that must be properly cared for. A bow case gives your archery equipment excellent protection even while in storage. A decent bow case demonstrates its worth when you must transport your archery equipment. I’ve tried two different cases, one of which was low-end and the other high-end. In my opinion, they both performed well, but they differed in price as well as the amount of protection I expected from each bow case.

The first bow case was produced by Plano and was a basic black-plastic with egg crate padding within, straps to keep my arrows and archer in place, and four clasps to seal it. You may also use a padlock to secure it if that is necessary. This is another terrific case that I’ve had for many years. The straps to keep the bow in place pulled free from the shell of the case, and they needed to be reattached. Because my archery equipment was mid-grade, I didn’t require much protection from this bow case, and I didn’t travel far beyond the range or the Tree Stand.

After purchasing a high-end piece of archery equipment, I needed a case that would give me peace of mind. I wound up with an SKB double bow case. My first was less than half the cost of this one, but it had a lot more room and was one of the few that could accommodate a parallel limb bow. The bow case is airline-approved and includes four lockable latches as well as a set of keys. The insides of the shell may be improved, as well as the lid’s padding. I’ll have to use egg carton-type cushioning in the lid at some point, thanks to the additional space allowed by the double bow design, but this is still possible with room for extras other than arrows.

The straps that keep your bow in position are fastened to Velcro Brackets that attach to the lid or the base of the bow case, allowing you a lot of versatility when it comes to placing things inside the case. They appear to remain fastened even while being handled reasonably roughly. Although the case is rather hefty, it feels indestructible to me and is a high-quality bow case.

When purchasing a bow case, the most important features to look for are strong fasteners within the case to keep your bow secure. Velcro loops or other fasteners may come loose from the case and cause your bow to bounce around inside it. It’s also worth noting the case’s ability to be locked. Many have holes in their handle region, allowing you to buy a little padlock for protection. Some cases for bows may have locking latches, and they will also include a set of keys. Finally, consider the size of the bow case and how much space you’ll need to store all of your gear. A double bow case is required if you want to keep your quiver connected to your bow. If you intend on storing extra arrows in addition to your bow, keep in mind that more space is required.

Bow cases are necessary for most archery equipment, although you may spend as much or as little as you want to get the level of performance you desire.

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