SAS Outrage Compound Bow

SAS Outrage Compound Bow Review


[Updated 1 February 2024] The SAS Outrage Compound Bow is a fantastic bow for the budget hunter. It’s capable enough for new archers and those wanting to add Bow Hunting to their current sports arsenal. For the price, it is durable, works effectively, and has design characteristics that make it an ideal fit for novice archers.


I’ve heard that the first step may be the most challenging part of any endeavor. Many individuals may feel uncomfortable about the unknown before starting anything new. Archery is no exception. When I first acquired my bow, I recall feeling nervous about handing over my money. You might find yourself in the same position. There are lots of affordable bows available, which you may utilize without taking a huge risk. The SAS Outrage Compound Bow is one such bow.

Pros and Cons

What We Like
  • Affordability
  • Adjustability
  • Forgiving Axle to Axle
What We Don’t Like
  • Arrow Speed
  • Only Right Handed

Our Rating

  • Quality: 4.2/5
  • Value for money: 4.1/5
  • Accuracy: 4.0/5


Features / Specifications

Draw weight range (lbs):55 – 70
Draw length (min-max):26 – 30
Weight (lbs):4.4
ATA Length (inches):35
Brace Height (inches):7
IBO Speed Rating (fps):270
Riser:Machined Aluminium
Let Off:70%
Price Range:Low
Handedness:Right Only
Warranty:3 year



In-Depth Review


The SAS Outrage Compound Bow riser is made of solid aluminum. In today’s world, aluminum risers are quite standard. The bow has a high strength-to-weight ratio, thanks to the use of aluminum (aluminum This is ideal for archers since it enables the bow to endure harsh forces while yet not being too heavy to carry.

This riser allows you to connect almost all common accessories. It also has an adapter for a stabilizer. Stabilizers are a wonderful method to help you shoot more accurately and quietly. The wide range of sights and quivers that may be attached to this bow has also been drilled and tapped. Adding your own accessories to your bow is fantastic since it allows you to personalize it as you wish.

The waffle cut-outs in the riser are another aspect of this riser that might catch your attention. Cut-outs reduce the weight of the bow without lowering its strength. You could also enhance the look of the bow with them.

Despite the fact that the Outrage’s riser has been cut out, it still adds significantly to the overall weight of the bow. It isn’t the lightest bow available, weighing in at 4.4 pounds. The weight of a bow differs according to the archer’s opinions. Some people select light because it is easier to transport and maneuver. Others feel that a heavier bow is noiseless and better suited for hunting. In conclusion, this bow has acquired a reputation for being noisy in addition to its weight.

Finally, the 35″ axle-to-axle measurement is something inexperienced archers may appreciate. The axle-to-axle length of a longer axle bow is more forgiving of string torque. If you’re a novice, the SAS Outrage Compound Bow is an excellent choice.


The grip on the Outrage isn’t particularly large, and it’s made of molded plastic. The molded plastic grip completely encircles the riser. This might be beneficial when shooting in cold temperatures. On a cold day, having a wraparound handle will keep your hand warmer.

Cam System

The Outrage’s designers appear to have wanted to make a bow that could readily be adjusted. They were able to do this by utilizing their cam system. This bow’s dual eccentric cam system is machined to the same specifications. The idea is that the cams turn at the same rate as the string is released. This translates to less nock travel and more accurate shooting ( On the other hand, dual cams do require more attention than solo cam bows. This is because that after use and string stretch, the cams can become misaligned. If the dual cams fire at different times, it might cause accuracy issues. It’s still popular today, despite the fact that it has its limitations.

The cams from SAS were developed with a module system in mind to make their bow more flexible. Without the need for a bow press, these modules allow you to alter the bow’s length from 26″ to 30″. This feature makes setting up the bow on your own simpler, rather than calling for the assistance of an archery pro. Working on your bow alone is a fantastic way to learn more about it and save money.


The limb system employed by SAS helped them save money on this bow. Rather than using more expensive composite materials, the split limb system is composed of fiberglass. Fiberglass is not a terrible choice for a limb material since it is long-lasting. Some manufacturers, like SAS, use layered fiberglass to build their limbs (

The limbs of this bow are also a split limb design. In the early 2000s, split limbs became popular and have since largely replaced solid ones ( It’s generally seen that split limbs are more durable and lighter. They are more prone to twisting than a solid limb on the negative side. The split fiberglass limbs aren’t anything to boast about, but they shouldn’t put you off this bow.


The SAS Outrage Compound Bow, in terms of design, is not overly remarkable and will most likely not win any beauty pageants. It does, however, have a few appealing features. It’s available in several color options, for example. You may choose between black with black accessories, camo with camo accessories, camo with black accessories, or autumn camouflage. Camo is a fantastic option for treestand hunters, while ground blind hunters may select black.

One thing that SAS has always done is construct bows that are long-lasting. They construct truly robust bows. You can’t expect to obtain a great bow for the price, but you may anticipate it to last several years.

There isn’t much happening with this bow when it comes to branding. It only has a tiny emblem stamped into the grip.


Finally, the performance of this bow in the shooting department is adequate for its price. It is reasonably precise, but it has acquired a reputation for being noisy. The quieter a bow is, the heavier it is. However, this bow appears to be an exception. Fortunately, you can buy string silencers and limb dampeners at most archery stores to help you quiet the bow. If the bow continues to be loud, it is usually due to Bowhunters rather than target archers. A silent bow is necessary for hunters because noisy bows would warn the prey that an arrow is on its way. It’s possible that they’ll jump the string and duck out of the way when an arrow comes their way. Consider an actual-life Matrix movement.

Some archers who have used this bow claim it is a hard draw. Others would say it draws very well. It very much depends on your draw cycle and your own body. When people are arguing about a particular topic, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t have top-end smoothness.

It also depends on whom you ask when looking at the rear wall of this bow. The back wall, while not being completely solid, seems to land on the side of sturdy. A solid back wall is beneficial since it prevents string creep and helps you settle into your anchor.

The SAS Outrage Compound Bow appears to be good enough for most shooters in terms of accuracy. No major tournament shooters use this bow at the line, but your average backyard shooter or hunter will find it acceptable. The bow’s power is adequate if you’re a typical deer and turkey hunter. However, if you intend on hunting big game, such as brown bear, elk, or moose, this bow will not satisfy your expectations.


How does it compare?

SAS Outrage Compound Bow vs. Infinite Edge Pro

The Infinite Edge Pro is a variant of the Edge. Even though it’s the second generation, it does have a few added features. It can reach a draw length of 31 inches. This enables even more archers to enjoy this excellent little bow. It also offers a higher 80% let-off than Edge’s 75 percent. This would be an excellent bow for someone who wants to spend a little more money and still enjoy the full range of adaptability this bow has to offer.

SAS Outrage Compound Bow vs. Carbon Knight

The Bowtech Carbon Knight is an excellent choice for serious shooters. This archery bow is constructed of a carbon riser and composite limbs. The carbon riser, in fact, makes it extremely light. It weighs 3.2 pounds, which is more than a pound lighter than the Outrage. It also has a lot more performance. Arrows shoot out of the Knight at over 330 feet per second. It also has the performance that serious archers and Bowhunters require. This bow would be a fantastic alternative for an expert archer seeking to upgrade to a versatile weapon.

SAS Outrage Compound Bow vs. PSE Brute Force

The PSE Brute Force is another excellent bow for serious archers seeking to upgrade. In all categories, it outperforms the Outrage. This entails shooting arrows at speeds of up to 320 fps. This robust bow is also lighter and has a shorter axle-to-axle measurement. Those features may make it more suitable for experienced archers. The PSE bow is more expensive than the Outrage bow since it has superior components.

SAS Outrage Compound Bow vs. Infinite Edge

Although SAS Outrage Compound Bow has a fair amount of flexibility, it can’t compare to the Diamond Infinite Edge. The draw weight range for this highly flexible bow may go from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. Furthermore, the draw length ranges from 13″ to 30″. The Infinite Edge is a fantastic bow for archers of all ages, especially youngsters learning. The Infinite Edge is a bow that would be ideal for someone looking for a bow that could withstand decades of use. It’s also more expensive than the SAS Outrage.

About the Manufacturer

Southland Archery Supply is a firm based in California that focuses on hunting and target archery and manufactures both compound bows, crossbows, and recurves. They conduct field tests on their bows and are fully informed about what the target audience wants and understands. Since 2007, Southland has been offering this service.


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