Best Foam Archery Targets

[Updated July 2019] Target practice is the most basic practice method for everyone doing archery, whether for competitions, hunting or recreation. Your muscle memory and strength is improved by shooting arrows at targets in an accurate way.

Targets are made of many different materials. In fact, not all archery targets are made of foam, but when they are there is one kind of foam that stands out: polyethylene.

Best Foam for Archery Targets

Most of the foam archery targets are made of this durable and strong foam. It comes in blocks of various colors and weights. However, keep in mind that some foam targets use layered foam as material, so they’re not self-healing. This is a disadvantage considering that some other archery targets are designed to be self-healing.

Find out more about polyethylene by reading the amazing facts below.

Polyethylene is a closed-cell foam material that is chemically cross-linked so as to resist moisture. The physical makeup of this foam makes it resistant to mildew, bacteria and mold even after a lot of arrow shots.

Even when moist, the foam will not break down. It has flexibility as well as the high-shock absorption capacity to handle the impact of powerful arrow shots. This makes polyethylene the best foam for archery targets.

Targets that contain polyethylene feature a smooth and water-resistant skin on both sides of the foam target face, improving their usability when outdoors. Moreover, polyethylene targets have plain sheets that are not covered or painted. Therefore, you can apply the design you like, which is something you can easily do given the smooth outer skin.

You read earlier about the self-healing ability of some targets, which is something that foam targets do not have. What then is a self-healing target? Well, one popular type is the 3D target, which looks realistic as it is a replica of an animal that you might hunt. It mimics the shape of the animal so you can aim for something realistic, honing your skills even more. 3D targets have replaceable parts, so you are ensured of their longevity.

The good news is that self-healing foam archery targets are now available on the market. Take a look at some of them below.

Bear Archery Foam Target

Made of 100 percent self-healing foam, this target is resistant to wear and tear, making it very sturdy. It is also resistant to insects, which means that there is nothing that can burrow inside and destroy its foam.

This target is reversible too, making it versatile. Aside from that, it is waterproof and UV-resistant, which enables it to withstand any kind of weather. If you intend to practice the whole year round, you can do so with this target.

McKenzie TuffBlock Foam Archery Target

Made from polystyrene, this target works well for general target practice, suiting all levels of archers from beginners to experts.  It is suggested to use light bows up to 40 pounds only, so as to ensure its longevity. It is super lightweight too, which allows you to carry it anywhere. Make sure to prop this target up against something so it does not fall over.

Rinehart Rhino Brute Target

This target doesn’t bend out of shape despite being shot at repeatedly, and displays great self-healing properties. It works well with broadheads as well as field points and even expendables. Furthermore, it maintains its density well. Like most targets, it is also light and portable, so you can easily carry it wherever you intend to practice archery.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target

This block-shaped target allows beginners to expert archers to pick their target as there are a lot of variations offered. It comes with an E-Z tote carrying handle so you can effortlessly take it. Also, it is weatherproof so it can withstand cold temperatures, rain and scorching hot days.

Just like the previous product, this target is also designed to work well with broadheads, but it’s not suitable for other arrow types. You can choose either fixed or mechanical broadheads.


These targets still contain polyethylene despite being self-healing. Polyethylene is the best foam for archery targets as it allows products to be sturdy, flexible and versatile, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction.

Ready to buy your foam target. We have also done some work for you in finding the best block targets and best 3D targets so that you can start practicing your shots.


  1. Cyrus Merideth Reply

    What do you think about adding a piece of carpet to cover the face of the foam for extra durability? An old remnant cut to size, maybe even have the threaded rods go through it on top as the bottom.

  2. We love archery so bought Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target. We started our kids with their own bows. But when they would shoot at our target the arrows wouldn’t stick into it. So we bought this target for our kids. This one works out perfectly for our kids. They shoot their arrows into it. And they can easily pull them out. All by themselves. It is a nice size, so as they get better and move farther back, it is still easy to see and hit.

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