Best Foam Archery Targets-2024

[Updated 1 January 2024] Target practice is the most basic practice method for everyone doing archery, whether for competitions, hunting or recreation. Your muscle memory and strength is improved by shooting arrows at targets in an accurate way.

Targets are made of many different materials. In fact, not all archery targets are made of foam, but when they are there is one kind of foam that stands out: polyethylene.

Best Foam for Archery Targets-2024

Most of the foam archery targets are made of this durable and strong foam. It comes in blocks of various colors and weights. However, keep in mind that some foam targets use layered foam as material, so they’re not self-healing. This is a disadvantage considering that some other archery targets are designed to be self-healing.

Find out more about polyethylene by reading the amazing facts below.

Polyethylene is a closed-cell foam material that is chemically cross-linked so as to resist moisture. The physical makeup of this foam makes it resistant to mildew, bacteria and mold even after a lot of arrow shots.

PolyethyleneFoamTarget 600x397px

Even when moist, the foam will not break down. It has flexibility as well as the high-shock absorption capacity to handle the impact of powerful arrow shots. This makes polyethylene the best foam for archery targets.

Targets that contain polyethylene feature a smooth and water-resistant skin on both sides of the foam target face, improving their usability when outdoors. Moreover, polyethylene targets have plain sheets that are not covered or painted. Therefore, you can apply the design you like, which is something you can easily do given the smooth outer skin.

You read earlier about the self-healing ability of some targets, which is something that foam targets do not have. What then is a self-healing target? Well, one popular type is the 3D target, which looks realistic as it is a replica of an animal that you might hunt. It mimics the shape of the animal so you can aim for something realistic, honing your skills even more. 3D targets have replaceable parts, so you are ensured of their longevity.

It has unique sides to shoot at, ideal for every type of practice. The target has highly visible target zones allowing shooters to continue target practice even in low light conditions. Foam Archery Targets are resistant to wear, waterproof, UV resistant, and impervious to insects. These targets are reversible, boosting the life of your targets – offering you a better value. We are happy to provide the best archery foam targets that will give you confidence in the field.

The good news is that self-healing foam archery targets are now available on the market. Take a look at some of them below.

1. Bear Archery Foam Target

Bear Archery Foam Target, a top-tier solution for archery enthusiasts seeking a reliable and durable target for practice and honing their skills. With its impressive 36-inch size, this foam target is designed to provide optimal stopping power, ensuring that arrows are absorbed efficiently and effectively. Crafted with precision and built to last, the Bear Archery Foam Target offers a superior target experience, making it a must-have for archers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner refining your technique or a seasoned pro aiming for perfection, this target is essential for enhancing your archery prowess.

Made of 100 percent self-healing foam, this target is resistant to wear and tear, making it very sturdy. It is also resistant to insects, which means that there is nothing that can burrow inside and destroy its foam.

Bear Archery Foam Target

This target is reversible too, making it versatile. Aside from that, it is waterproof and UV-resistant, which enables it to withstand any kind of weather. If you intend to practice the whole year round, you can do so with this target.

  • Size- The target boasts a generous 36-inch diameter, providing archers with a large surface area to aim at, allowing for improved accuracy and target visibility.
  • High-Density Foam- Constructed from high-density foam, this target offers excellent stopping power, ensuring that arrows are quickly and effectively absorbed, reducing the risk of ricochets or arrow damage.
  • Weather-Resistant- The foam material used in the target is designed to withstand various weather conditions, allowing you to practice outdoors without worrying about its durability being compromised by rain or sun exposure.
  • Easy Arrow Removal- The self-healing foam composition ensures easy arrow removal, allowing you to spend more time shooting and less time struggling to retrieve arrows.
  • Portable and Lightweight- Despite its impressive size, the Bear Archery Foam Target remains lightweight and easy to transport, making it convenient for archers who frequently practice at different locations.
  • Durability- The high-density foam construction makes this target highly durable, capable of withstanding repeated use without significant wear or tear.
  • Versatility- Suitable for a wide range of bows and arrows, including compound bows and traditional recurve bows, making it an excellent choice for archers with different equipment preferences.
  • Enhanced Safety- The efficient arrow absorption of the foam target minimizes the risk of arrows bouncing back or causing damage, promoting a safer shooting experience.
  • Cost-Effective- The Bear Archery Foam Target offers excellent value for money, providing a long-lasting and reliable target at an affordable price.
  • Ideal for Practicing- The large size and easy arrow removal make this target ideal for practicing and honing your archery skills, helping you improve your accuracy and precision over time.
  • Size and Weight- While the large size is advantageous for accuracy, it may be challenging to transport for individuals with limited storage space or those who frequently travel with their archery equipment.
  • Single-Sided- The target is designed to be shot from one side only, limiting its versatility for archers who prefer shooting from different angles or distances.
  • Target Face Not Included- The Bear Archery Foam Target does not come with a target face, requiring an additional purchase if you prefer a specific design or aiming points.

Despite minor drawbacks, the Bear Archery Foam Target, 36-Inch, remains highly recommended for archers seeking a durable, versatile, cost-effective foam target for their practice sessions.


2. McKenzie TuffBlock Foam Archery Target

Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target, a revolutionary addition to the archery world. This target is designed to enhance your shooting experience and offers unparalleled durability and versatility. Whether you’re new to archery or a seasoned pro, this target is designed to endure numerous shots while delivering a lifelike and captivating shooting encounter. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, the Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target is poised to elevate your archery skills. Prepare for an exciting hunting experience as you enhance your aim and accuracy with this outstanding archery target.

Made from polystyrene, this target works well for general target practice, suiting all levels of archers from beginners to experts.  It is suggested to use light bows up to 40 pounds only, so as to ensure its longevity. It is super lightweight too, which allows you to carry it anywhere. Make sure to prop this target up against something so it does not fall over.

Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target

  • Durable Construction- The TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target is built to withstand the most challenging shooting sessions. Its rugged construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Realistic Design- This target features lifelike graphics of various game animals, providing a practical shooting experience. Detailed imagery helps archers improve their accuracy and aim by simulating real-life hunting scenarios.
  • Self-Healing Foam- The target’s high-density, self-healing foam composition allows it to recover quickly after each shot. It reduces arrow damage and extends the lifespan of the target, ensuring you can enjoy countless hours of shooting practice.
  • Multiple Target Zones- The target is designed with different target zones, each with its scoring value. Archers can practice precision shooting and challenge themselves by aiming for specific areas, enhancing their skills and accuracy.
  • Weather-Resistant- The Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target is designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is resistant to rain, snow, and UV rays, ensuring longevity and allowing for year-round use.
  • Exceptional Durability- The target’s robust construction and high-quality materials make it highly durable and capable of withstanding repeated shots from various bows and arrows.
  • Realistic Experience- The lifelike game animal graphics create an immersive shooting experience, making practice sessions more engaging and enjoyable.
  • Easy Arrow Removal- The self-healing foam composition allows for easy arrow removal, saving time and effort during practice sessions.
  • Versatile Use- The target can be used for indoor and outdoor shooting, allowing archers to practice in various settings.
  • Enhances Skill Development- The different target zones and scoring values help archers improve their accuracy, focus, and precision, contributing to skill development.
  • Weight and Size- The target may be relatively heavy and bulky due to its durability and robustness, making it less portable than lighter alternatives.
  • Price- The Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target may have a higher price point than other market targets, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious archers.
  • Limited Game Animal Options- While the target offers lifelike graphics of game animals, the range of species may be finite, limiting variety for particular hunting simulations.
  • Arrow Penetration- Some high-velocity arrows may penetrate the foam more deeply, potentially reducing the target’s lifespan.

Overall, the Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target stands out with its durability, realistic design, and self-healing foam, making it an excellent choice for archers seeking a long-lasting and engaging target for their shooting practice.

3. Rinehart Rhino Brute Target

Rinehart RhinoBrute Target, the ultimate companion for archery enthusiasts and hunters seeking unmatched durability and realism. Engineered with precision and crafted to withstand the most powerful shots, this formidable target is designed to take on the challenge and ensure your practice sessions are as lifelike as possible. Whether you’re honing your skills or preparing for the hunt of a lifetime, the RhinoBrute Target delivers exceptional performance, making it the go-to choice for serious archers. Say goodbye to worn-out targets and hello to a new level of durability and authenticity with the Rinehart RhinoBrute Target.

This target doesn’t bend out of shape despite being shot at repeatedly, and displays great self-healing properties. It works well with broadheads as well as field points and even expendables. Furthermore, it maintains its density well. Like most targets, it is also light and portable, so you can easily carry it wherever you intend to practice archery.

Rinehart Rhino Brute Target

Check out this video for complete review.

  • Unparalleled Durability- Constructed with high-quality materials, the RhinoBrute Target is built to withstand the most challenging shots, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Realistic Design- The target’s lifelike appearance, complete with anatomically correct vital areas, allows for actual practice and preparation for real-world hunting scenarios.
  • Self-Healing Foam- The advanced self-healing foam composition quickly recovers from arrow impacts, extending the lifespan of the target and providing consistent stopping power.
  • Multiple Shooting Angles- The RhinoBrute Target features multiple shooting surfaces, offering various angles and scenarios to enhance your shooting skills and simulate real hunting situations.
  • Easy Portability- Despite its rugged construction, the target remains lightweight and portable, allowing for convenient transportation and setup in different shooting locations.
  • Exceptional Longevity- Thanks to its durable construction and self-healing foam, the RhinoBrute Target is designed to withstand countless arrows, providing excellent value for your investment.
  • Realistic Practice- The target’s lifelike design helps archers improve accuracy and precision by simulating real hunting scenarios, ensuring adequate preparation for the field.
  • Versatile Shooting Options- With multiple shooting surfaces, the RhinoBrute Target offers a variety of shooting angles and scenarios, accommodating different shooting styles and enhancing skill development.
  • Weather-Resistant- The target’s weather-resistant properties make it suitable for outdoor use, allowing archers to practice in various conditions without compromising performance or durability.
  • Easy Setup and Portability- The lightweight construction of the target enables hassle-free setup and easy transportation, making it convenient for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Price- Compared to essential targets, the RhinoBrute Target may have a higher price point due to its superior construction and advanced features.
  • Size and Weight- While the target’s portability is a plus, some users may find it more significant and heavier than other alternatives, requiring more space for storage and transportation.
  • Limited Target Areas- Although the target offers anatomically correct vital areas, it may provide less variety in target options than targets with multiple replaceable inserts.


4. Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target

Morrell Yellow Jacket block-shaped target allows beginners to expert archers to pick their target as there are a lot of variations offered. It comes with an E-Z tote carrying handle so you can effortlessly take it. Also, it is weatherproof so it can withstand cold temperatures, rain and scorching hot days.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target

Just like the previous product, this target is also designed to work well with broadheads, but it’s not suitable for other arrow types. You can choose either fixed or mechanical broadheads.

  • Durable Construction- Made with high-quality materials, the foam target is designed to withstand repeated shots from broadhead arrows without compromising its integrity.
  • Multi-Layered Design- The target features multiple layers of foam, providing excellent stopping power and preventing arrow penetration, ensuring the longevity of the target.
  • Easy Arrow Removal- The foam composition of the target allows for easy arrow removal, reducing the time and effort required between shots.
  • Weather Resistant- The target is weatherproof, allowing for outdoor use in various conditions without compromising its performance or durability.
  • High Visibility- The bright yellow color of the target enhances visibility, making it easier to aim and hit the target consistently.
  • Target Face Options- The target offers multiple faces with different designs, including bullseyes and vitals, allowing archers to practice precision and accuracy for different shooting scenarios.
  • Portable and Lightweight- The target is light in weight, which makes it effortless to carry and install at various shooting spots.
  • Exceptional Durability- The Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target is known for its long-lasting performance, withstanding countless shots and retaining its shape and integrity.
  • Broadhead Compatibility- This target is specifically designed to handle broadhead arrows, making it suitable for practicing with hunting-grade equipment.
  • Easy Setup- The lightweight design and portability of the target make it effortless to set up in different shooting areas, providing convenience for archers on the go.
  • Cost-Effective- Considering its durability and longevity, this foam target offers excellent value for the price, as it can withstand numerous shooting sessions without needing frequent replacements.
  • Size Limitations- The Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target is available in standard sizes, which may limit options for those looking for more extensive or custom-sized targets.
  • Foam Compression- Over time, repeated shots in the same spot may cause the foam to compress, potentially affecting the stopping power and durability of the target. Rotating the target periodically can help mitigate this issue.

Overall, the Morrell Yellow Jacket Broadhead Archery Foam Target is a reliable and durable option for archers of all levels, offering excellent stopping power, easy arrow removal, and weather resistance. Its high visibility and target face options enhance the shooting experience, making it ideal for honing precision and accuracy.


5. Delta McKenzie Chunk Layered Target

For archery enthusiasts looking for top-notch performance and long-lasting durability, the DELTA McKenzie Chunk Layered Target Chunk Mo Foam Layered Target is the perfect companion. Designed with precision and engineered to withstand the powerful impact of arrows, this target delivers an unparalleled shooting experience. The Chunk Layered Target is designed to meet the needs of experienced experts and novice learners looking to improve their skills. Its innovative Mo Foam Layered technology provides exceptional stopping power while maintaining easy arrow removal. Get ready to take your archery practice to the next level with the DELTA McKenzie Chunk Layered Target Chunk Mo Foam Layered Target.

The Delta Mckenzie Archery Target made from polyethylene and durable MO foam. This target that best meets your all needs. From the backyard one day, to hunting camp the next, targets are portable, yet durable, as you prepare for your next archery event. And they are perfect for any level of archer because they offer super stopping power and easy arrow removal.


Check out this video for complete review.

  • Chunk Layered Technology- The target utilizes advanced Chunk Layered technology, consisting of multiple high-density foam layers. This design maximizes stopping power and allows for easy arrow removal, reducing the risk of damage to arrows.
  • Mo Foam Layered Technology- The Mo Foam Layered technology improves the durability and lifespan of the item. It is specially engineered to withstand repeated arrow impacts without compromising its integrity, ensuring it lasts for an extended period of use.
  • Realistic Design- The target features a natural 3D design, mimicking the appearance of various game animals. This adds an element of excitement and enhances the shooting experience, making it ideal for hunting practice and field target shooting.
  • Weather-Resistant- This target is made of materials that can resist the weather to handle exposure to the elements, such as rain and UV rays. It remains functional and durable, allowing for outdoor use without worry.
  • Excellent Stopping Power– The Chunk Layered technology combined with the Mo Foam Layered technology provides exceptional stopping power, effectively stopping arrows and preventing pass-through shots. This reduces the risk of injury and arrow damage.
  • Easy Arrow Removal- Arrow can be easily extracted from the target without excessive force, thanks to its layered foam design. This saves time and effort during practice sessions and ensures a smooth shooting experience.
  • Long-lasting Durability- The target’s construction and materials contribute to its remarkable durability. It can withstand continuous use and resists wear and tear, making it a reliable investment for long-term archery practice.
  • Realistic Shooting Experience- The lifelike 3D design adds realism to target practice. It helps archers improve their accuracy and precision by simulating real-life hunting scenarios, enhancing overall shooting skills.
  • Weight and Portability- The target may be relatively heavy due to its sturdy construction and multiple foam layers, making it less portable than lighter options. Moving and transporting the target to different shooting locations may require some effort.
  • Higher Price Point- As a high-quality, durable target, the DELTA McKenzie Chunk Layered Target Chunk Mo Foam Layered Target tends to be priced at a higher range than essential foam targets. However, the investment in its long-term usability and performance may outweigh the initial cost.
  • Limited Arrow Penetration- While the target excels at stopping arrows effectively, it may not be suitable for those looking to practice long-distance shots or use high-powered bows. The dense foam layers can impede arrow penetration beyond a certain distance.
  • Size Limitations- Depending on the specific model and design, the target may have size limitations, affecting the types of archery practice it accommodates. It is essential to consider the target’s dimensions and ensure they align with your shooting needs and preferences.


Q1. What are foam archery targets?

Foam archery targets are specially designed targets made from dense foam materials used for practicing archery. These targets are designed to safely and effectively stop arrows, making them ideal for beginners and experienced archers.

Q2. What are the advantages of using foam archery targets?

Foam archery targets offer several advantages. Firstly, they provide a safe and reliable surface for arrow penetration, reducing the risk of arrows bouncing back or causing damage. Additionally, foam targets are durable and can withstand repeated use without losing effectiveness. They are also lightweight and easy to transport, allowing for convenient setup in different locations.

Q3. What types of foam archery targets are available?

There are various types of foam archery targets available to suit different needs. Some common types include block targets, bag targets, and layered targets. Block targets are solid foam blocks with multiple target faces, while bag targets are filled with loose foam material. Layered targets contain various foam sheet layers, providing different resistance levels and target options.

Q4. How do foam archery targets work?

Foam archery targets work by absorbing the kinetic energy of the arrows, gradually stopping their motion and preventing them from penetrating too deeply. The dense foam material slows down the arrow, allowing it to come to a complete stop within the target without damaging the arrow or causing it to bounce back.

Q5. Are foam archery targets suitable for all types of bows and arrows?

Yes, foam archery targets are generally suitable for all types of bows and arrows, including compound bows, recurve bows, longbows, and crossbows. However, it is essential to consider your specific bow’s draw weight and speed to ensure that the target can handle the impact without any issues.

Q6. Can foam archery targets be used in different weather conditions?

Foam archery targets are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Most foam targets are weather-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. However, it’s a good practice to store your foam target indoors when not in use to prolong its lifespan and protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Q7. How long do foam archery targets last?

The lifespan of foam archery targets can vary depending on usage frequency, arrow type, and draw weight. Generally, foam targets can last several years of regular use with proper care and maintenance. To ensure safety, it is advised to frequently check the target for any signs of damage or deterioration and replace it promptly if it is significantly worn out.

Q8. Can foam archery targets be repaired if they get damaged?

In some cases, minor damage to foam archery targets can be repaired. Small holes or punctures can often be patched using specialized repair kits or adhesive foam patches. However, extensive damage or deterioration of the foam layers may require replacing the target entirely. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s repair guidelines or contact them for specific instructions.

Q9. Can foam archery targets be used for broadhead arrows?

Foam archery targets are primarily designed for field points, the standard practice tips used in target archery. While some foam targets claim to be compatible with broadheads, it is generally recommended to use specialized targets explicitly designed for broadhead arrows. Broadheads can cause more damage to foam targets and may require targets with different construction or additional features for optimal performance and longevity.

Q10.  Where can I purchase foam archery targets?

Foam archery targets can be purchased from various sporting goods stores, archery specialty shops, and online retailers. To make sure you get a foam target that meets your needs, it’s recommended that you compare prices, read reviews, and choose a reliable seller that you can trust.

These block targets still contain polyethylene despite being self-healing. Polyethylene is the best foam for archery targets as it allows products to be sturdy, flexible and versatile, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction.

Ready to buy your foam target. We have also done some work for you in finding the best block targets and best 3D targets so that you can start practicing your shots.




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  2. We love archery so bought Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target. We started our kids with their own bows. But when they would shoot at our target the arrows wouldn’t stick into it. So we bought this target for our kids. This one works out perfectly for our kids. They shoot their arrows into it. And they can easily pull them out. All by themselves. It is a nice size, so as they get better and move farther back, it is still easy to see and hit.

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