Types of Archery Competitions

[Updated 1 August 2022] There are different types of Archery Competitions happening around the world. Some of them are listed in this article

The International Archery Federation (FITA) regulates international archery competitions.

Types of Archery Competition

The 1440 round :

The archery target consists of 36 arrows at 90, 70, 50, 30 m for men and 70, 60, 50, 30 meters for women. The most points you can get is 1440. The two longer distances use a target face of 122 cm, and the two shorter distances utilize a face of 80 cm.

The 900 round :

The following is a list of all available distances for women and men, which are shown in meters: 60, 50, 40. For both genders, the face measures 122 cm.

Indoor Archery


Indoor archery is shot at a distance of 18 and 25 meters.

Field Archery

The targets for Crossbow Shooting are set along a path in the countryside. There are known and unknown distances involved. You shoot at multiple angels, both uphill and downhill.

3D Archery

The sport of 3D archery is based on animal model targets.


Archery is a wonderful sport for those with impairments. Whether or not they sit in a wheelchair, they compete in different categories. Archery is one of the Paralympic sports.

Ski Archery


Ski archery is a fusion of archery and Nordic cross-country skiing.

Run Archery

Run Archery is a new and unique type of archery competition. Archery and cross-country running are combined in this sport. Skiers often participate in this event during the summer.

Flight Archery

This is a fundamental set of regulations: Aim for long shots as often as possible.

Clout Archery


You must shoot a long distance with clout to hit the ground.

Archery is also an Olympic discipline, with a distinct round established for the Olympics :

The Olympic round in archery

The Archers shoot 72 arrows at 70 meters, and the top 64 archers compete in a match-play ladder. The first number is paired with the second, and so on. The archers shoot 12 arrows each round in match-play.

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