How to Determine Your Perfect Recurve Bow Size quickly

[Updated 1 February 2024] If you’ve been looking at recurve bows on the internet or gone to specialist shops and examined different brands, you’ll have noticed that complete Recurve bow sizes range from 48″ to 72″. Recurve bows are forgiving; you can shoot them with a draw length that is either too short or too long to get the most out of your bow. You must be drawn to their sweet spot with recurve bows if you want the best results.

The sweet spot is the balance point at which the advertised draw weight matches the drawn weight, and drawing beyond this point will result in a rapid rise in draw weight known as “stacking,” which can make you inaccurate since you’re pulling more force than anticipated, and your bow will be pulled too short.

The bow sizes in the tables below are measured in inches, and this inch measurement refers to the AMO (Archery Manufacturers Organization) size of the bow, which you may find out about by visiting our website or reading our specs.

There are two approaches to determining your bow size.

To figure out your bow size, use Draw Length.

Look up the draw length in inches and the corresponding bow size in this table:

Draw length and bow size of recurve bows

As a general rule, your bow’s length should be at least twice your draw length, but this isn’t always true, so the values in this table can help you decide.

Draw Length (inches)Bow Size (inches) – AMO
14-17 48

Bow Size and Archer Height Chart

You can simply go by the basic idea that all individuals are proportioned similarly and use the table below to determine your height bracket and ideal bow size.

Archer HeightBow Size (inches) – AMO
Up to 5’6″64
Up to 5’10”66
Up to 6’2″68
6’2″ and over70

I hope that this information is helpful to you and that you’ve discovered the perfect bow size for yourself.

Which one should I get?

You should have a quite good idea now of what size bow you’ll need, and whether you’re interested in reading through our guide on the best recurve bows or if you’re just getting started, the best beginner recurve bow (spoiler: the greatest of both worlds is the same bow!). There’s something for everyone in those articles.

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