Archery Finger Tabs Protect Guard For Bows

[Updated 1 August 2022] Reduce pressure and finger fatigue with Archery Finger Tabs, the perfect multi-layer tab for beginner and experienced archers alike. This Finger Tab features an anodized aluminum plate, adjustable ledge, and replaceable face and backing. The finger strap allows maximum adjustability while still providing a sufficient amount of protection.

Perfect for archers shooting target practice, or those out in the elements hunting, these finger protectors will save your fingers from the wear and tear of shooting while also looking sleek. Made from durable full-grain leather, these will last for many hunting seasons to come.

The Best Archery Finger Tabs 2021

These are made from double thick and top leather material, strong and durable, good choice for fingers protect during shooting, targeting or hunting. Lightweight, comfortable, perfectly protect archers finger far away from pain and hurt during shooting, finger protector gives them a wonderful archery experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are finger tabs for archery?

A finger tab, also known as an archer tab, is a tiny leather or synthetic patch that guards an archer’s fingers against the bowstring in archery. It’s connected to the hand of an archer, usually with straps or ties. In the summertime, tabs are more pleasant than gloves and may be worn over the thicker fabric.

Did medieval archers use finger tabs?

Archers have used finger and thumb protection for thousands of years. The extra protection is needed for archers using heavy draw strength bows and arrows, especially in battle. The heavier the bow, the more finger and thumb protection is required.

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