Best Hunting Chairs in 2023

[Updated 1 August 2022] Hunting season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing for your hunting trip! You will need a backpack, some clothes, a tent – but most importantly you’ll need a chair. Hunting chairs are an essential piece of equipment for any avid hunter. They let you rest after hours spent walking in the woods and waiting quietly for hours while sitting on cold ground. In this article we will help educate you about these wonderful pieces of equipment by reviewing our top 8 favorite hunting chairs that have been tested by hunters all over the world!

The 8 Best Hunting Chairs in 2023

  1. MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair
  2. Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair
  3. Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting Chair
  4. Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair
  5. PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Chair
  6. Ameristep High-Back Blind Chair
  7. Hunt Comfort HCCC10 Hunting Chair

  8. TIDEWE Hunting Chair

Hunting chair functions in a swivel for maximum movement that’s quick and effortless when you need it most. It’s designed for ultimate function, allowing you to keep hunting longer.

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair


  • If you want to pack light, this camping chair is a nice addition to your gear bag. It’s perfect for campers, hikers, backpackers and kayakers as well as tailgaters and concertgoers. Plus it doubles as nice furniture in the great outdoors!
  • The seating fabric is made of a different material than most products on the market, making it more durable and less deformed after long use. The design chair offers better stability for your sitting posture as well.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum means the chair can be used in a variety of conditions, even harsh environments for extended periods without getting bent out of shape or rusting.
  • Four reinforced slots at the back of fabric are designed to prevent punctures in normal use.

Check out this video for complete review.


  • The Browning Camping Strutter Chair is a key accessory for any hunter aiming to bag their next turkey.
  • The Strutter is designed to go low to the ground for a more reliable shot, and it’s comfortable for prolonged periods of waiting.
  • Folding chairs with arms are ideal for hunters because they offer maximum comfort while also remaining lightweight.
  • The steel frame is a low-profile model and the padded shoulder carry strap provides an easy way to transport this hunting chair.

Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting Stool


  • For people who do not want to sit on the ground when hunting, Allen Company has developed this camouflage folding hunting chair.
  • Hunting chairs are tough to cart out into the field. Luckily this one comes with a convenient carrying strap to easily transport it from place to place.
  • The steel frame and folding back of this chair make it easy to fold up.
  • The storage pouch beneath the seat is perfect for storing hunting accessories.

Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair


  • The low-profile hunting chair is built with a durable steel frame.
  • A wide variety of pockets, both in the front and back, are useful for keeping your personal items close.
  • Sturdy folding design for easy transportation and storage.
  • This chair has a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.

PORTAL Extra Large Quick Folding Tripod Stool


  • A chair that is foldable into a compact size to make carrying it or transporting it easier.
  • The steel-framed, 600-denier polyester Chair has become an essential item for any outdoor excursion.
  • The chair has an extra wide 18” backrest and a beverage holder weighing 4.5 lbs and supporting up to 225 pounds.
  • Portable chairs are easy to carry outside for any outdoor activities.

REDCAMP Oversized Folding Camping Chairs


  • REDCAMP, a camping chair made of wear-resistant PVC fabric, is designed to last.
  • The frame of this chair is made of fastened X-shape steel supports that can hold up to 330lbs.
  • Our portable camping chair has convenient side pockets at both sides. This makes it easy for you to access your drinks or personal belongings while sitting comfortably in our hunting chair.
  • The chair is padded and the armrests have anti-corrosion plugs.

GYMAX Folding Hunting Chair


  • This swiveling hunting chair enables you to turn 360° without ever getting out of the seat, and does so silently.
  • Quick and easy shots await with one of these blind chairs, without the hassle of setting up a tent or escaping when a deer stumbles in to camp.
  • The hunting chair is ergonomically designed with a contoured backrest and wide seat.
  • This swivel blind chair can be folded quickly with no additional tools.
  • The compact packing size and conveniently attached strap make carrying this chair easy. Great for camping, fishing, or hunting trips.

Ameristep High-Back Blind Chair


  • Hunt more comfortably and conveniently with Ameristep’s chair.
  • The steel frame construction is durable and provides comfort as it accommodates a day of hunting.
  • The chair is made in the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo pattern.
  • This chair folds up easily for transportation and can be used in a ground blind and outdoors.

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