Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting 2024

Are you aware that a bow rangefinder has made extraordinary strides in technology every day? Presently, high demand for rangefinders exists in the market – even budget-friendly models are popular. Despite the top-of-the-line rangefinders, low-end models have many advantages that should be noticed. In contrast, unearthing the optimal Rangefinder for Bow Hunting is an onerous mission.

Bow hunters now have the luxury of finding a product that fits perfectly into their budget. Rangefinders that offer the best features and specifications, such as distance range, durability, battery life, modes, and more, are ideal for any user. For bow hunters, a rangefinder is an optimal solution for successful hunting. Not only does it provide accuracy, but it also helps you to remain focused on the target.

Sorting through the multitude of rangefinders for hunting can be an overwhelming task. With all the products out there, it can be difficult to differentiate between those that are good, bad, and average. Don’t fret; I am here to give you the most reliable advice when it comes to this.

Uncover the Top 10 Rangefinders for Bow Hunting in 2024 with Our Comprehensive Reviews & Comparison Table.

Table of Contents

1. TecTecTec Pro Wild Hunting Rangefinder

Are you in search of a top-of-the-line bow rangefinder boasting unparalleled accuracy and an extended measuring distance? Welcome! You’ve come to the perfect spot. The TecTecTec Pro Wild Rangefinder has been designed to measure an impressive distance of over 540 yards!

  • Spectacularly Precise Scan Mode
  • Revolutionary Acceleration Technology
  • Water-Repelling, Long-Lasting Exterior
  • Accurate and Rapid Measurement
  • Advanced, multidimensional optics
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Distance-Viewing Lens Display

TecTecTec Pro Wild Hunting Rangefinder Reviews

Our superior product has been crafted to provide a vast distance-measuring range. You can quickly and repeatedly scan the intended area with the scanning mode’s convenience. Furthermore, its advanced speed technology allows for rapid and convenient measurements. The Rangefinder is a superior product with a continuous scanning mode for precise target measurement. Furthermore, the tool is constructed from a robust and water-proof material. With this advanced scanning technology, you can measure quickly and accurately within a range of +/- 1 yard.

Excellent Lens Displayw

The Rangefinder’s lens display features premium optics with unparalleled clarity and multi-layered composition. Perusing the readings is effortless with the display. Accordingly, the continual measurement mode furnishes you with rapid and straightforward readings.

Premium Battery

Furthermore, the Rangefinder has been crafted with a battery that boasts ample timing. After the battery is completely charged, there’s no need to charge it repeatedly. Furthermore, this eye-safe Rangefinder provides superior protection and safety while you are target shooting. This superior machine yields highly accurate power output results with unrivaled precision.

Pico Projector and Cameras

With this Rangefinder, you no longer need to estimate distances – it provides reliable and precise readings. With this device, you can accurately determine your range to the target within -/+ yards. Additionally, it is equipped with cameras and Pico Projectors for your comfort and convenience.

Water-Proof and Dust-Proof Material

Not only is this Rangefinder equipped with water-proof and dust-proof material, but it also features superior durability. By doing this, you can be sure that the weather will not present any issues. It’s easy to use in wet weather without risking any harm. Manufactured with uncompromising strength, the Rangefinder is built from extraordinarily tough material. Hunting can be made easier and more efficient when you’re out in the field with a rangefinder for measuring distances. Its lightweight design ensures no extra strain when carrying it around.

Easy and Quick Setup

Finally, with its straightforward setup process, the Rangefinder allows you to set it up in mere minutes. The tool is the ideal package with a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, strap, microfiber cloth, and quick start guide all included.

  • Luxurious and Immaculately Clear
  • Uncomplicated to comprehend.
  • Effortless and Ongoing Quantification
  • Exceptionally Light and Easily Transportable
  • With its durable, dust-proof, and water-proof body, this device can easily stand up to the elements.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • The warranty on the product is less.


2. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder

If you’re searching for the ultimate bow rangefinder that boasts ground-breaking technology and a plethora of features, Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder is your go-to choice. What’s more, you can effortlessly employ this tool without any complex setup.

  • The radiant and Clear display
  • An Easy-to-Navigate Menu
  • The Main Human-Centered Design Mode Visualization
  • Angle-Adjusted Distance Measurement
  • Advanced LOS Modes
  • Continuous Range Readings
  • Three Exceptional Brightness Settings, Perfect for Any Situation!

Vortex Optics Ranger LaserRangefinder Reviews

This Rangefinder is packed with advanced features, which makes it a must-have tool for hunters and professionals alike. It has garnered glowing reviews that only confirm what we already knew – this is a perfect choice! To dive deeper into the topic, keep reading!

Highly Intuitive Menu

The Ranger 1800 rangefinder has a sleek, illuminated display and an incredibly user-friendly menu that makes operating it simpler than ever. With remarkable accuracy and precision, rangefinders can have a reach of up to 1,800 yards.

Rangefinder’s LOS Mode

The Rangefinder’s LOS mode is a must-have tool, designed specifically for rifle shooters who utilize ballistic drop data cards to correct sloping shots. Additionally, with ballistic programs, by using specialized software or PDAs, you can effectively aim at distances up to 500 yards.

Primary HCD Mode

On the contrary, a primary HCD mode exhibits angles suitable for most hunters and shooters to bridge gaps. The innovative LOS mode of the Rangefinder provides you with more precise measurements for high-elevation, long-distance shots.

Very Simple and Easy Setup

The Rangefinder is fully equipped with a pouch, CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and fast start guide for effortless setup. This tool is an invaluable asset for both skilled hunters and archers.

Multi-Coated Lenses

On the other hand, with its fully multi-coated lenses, the Rangefinder ensures maximum light transmittance. The textured rubber armor provides a steady, non-slip hold for secure hunting when out in the field. Even in the toughest conditions, this unit’s impressive water and fog-proofing will keep it up and running.

Utility Clip

The neck lanyard and the reversible utility clip are included making it easy for Rangers to pack and have on hand whenever necessary. Incredibly, the device is also compatible with a tripod adapter, providing you with effortless compatibility when setting it up on a window mount or car.

HCD Range Display

Thus, the HCD range display has been designed as the primary mode. Going further, the yardage number displayed is based on the calculated horizontal distance for a given angle and does not require any user input.

Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, Vortex Optics rangefinder company guarantees total customer satisfaction. Receive two years of a worry-free warranty, along with a money-back guarantee and lifetime customer care support when you purchase!

  • Effortlessly easy-to-use features
  • Perfect for any hunter or shooter.
  • Multiple choices to measure long distance
  • Highly increased precision
  • Optimal visibility in any light condition.
  • Fully Multi-Coated lens
  • Mediocre Construction Quality


3. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam

Tired of using your dated bow rangefinder and needing more accurate measurements? Upgrade to a brand new Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector, the most reliable Rangefinder designed specifically for bow hunting.

  • Crystal-Clear Optics and Surprising HD Clarity
  • Seamless, One-Touch Operation
  • Vertical Configuration
  • Real-tree Xtra Camo Pattern
  • Durable and Water-proof Casing
  • In View LCD Display

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam Reviews

We are in a world of science and technology, where smart devices that require minimal input yet offer maximum output are becoming increasingly necessary. Similarly, the Bushnell Rangefinder is equipped with cutting-edge features and specifications.

Compact and Diagonal Design

The renowned Bone Collector symbol, trusted by countless of its practitioners, expertly highlights the advanced features of the Rangefinder. The Bone Collector Laser Rangefinder is particularly noteworthy for its powerful, compact, and unique diagonal design.

Security and Protection

Additionally, the weather-resistant housing offers protection and renders it strong and able to withstand different conditions. This rugged body is outfitted with Real-tree Xtra camo for an extra touch of outdoorsy style. This incredible Rangefinder has been engineered to provide maximum accuracy, even on the most difficult-to-spot targets.

Single Button Use

With the press of a button, you can instantly obtain precise measurements from 10 to 600 yards away with the Bone Collector laser rangefinder. Featuring an in-view LCD monitor, this device delivers accurate data to your fingertips. With your next hunting expedition, a rangefinder’s 4X magnification and crystal clear optics will carry you nose to nose with success.

Quick Calculation

With this technology, the Rangefinder is also able to calculate inclinations higher than 15 degrees quickly. For the majority of shooters and archers, a LOS mode is unnecessary. When in Line-of-Sight (LOS) mode, you will be presented with the true line-of-sight range without any ballistic slope correction.

Stunning HD Display

By comparison, the Rangefinder offers a spectacular HD display with superior optics that permit you to have crystal-clear viewing of your target. Are you aware that all of the components used in creating a Bushnell rangefinder have undergone rigorous testing and meet industry standards?

Lightweight Material

Furthermore, this remarkable Rangefinder has been designed with lightweight material so that you can take it along on any journey – no matter where your travels may lead. With its lightweight and versatile design, you won’t have to worry about feeling burdened with extra weight.

Crystal-Clear Optics

By contrast, a very bright and clear optic was used in finalization to reach the darker field of vision. The Rangefinder is constructed with a rain-proof material, making it easier to target your shot accurately, even in wet conditions.

  • Targeting Reticle
  • Bone Collector Laser
  • Effortlessly portable, this product is perfect for those on the go.
  • The precise range of the objective
  • Displays distance in meters and yards
  • Incredible Battery Life indicator
  • Approximately accurate, yet not totally spot-on.
  • Poor range coverage


4. Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder

With all the cutting-edge technology available today, why are you still relying on your ancient Rangefinder? Leave all your worries behind and pick up the innovative Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder for a successful hunting experience. With extreme precision and accuracy, this bowhunting Rangefinder is undoubtedly the best one available.

  • Get pinpoint accuracy with this ultra-functional Rangefinder.
  • Super-speedy and precise perusal.
  • Streamlined One-Click Design
  • The Rubber Armor Housing offers a secure, non-slip grip for your device.
  • Securing the neck strap is a breeze!
  • True Horizontal Distance
  • Better Evaluation for distance

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder is, without a doubt, the superior choice among all rangefinders. This Rangefinder provides you with precise readings, exact measurements, and a wider distance range for shooting purposes. Now, let’s delve into the features and specs of the revolutionary Simmons Rangefinder!

Durable and Sturdy Material

Moreover, it’s crafted with durable components to offer you enduring results. For your ease and leisure, you can find lightweight housing with a single button for easy use. When hunting outdoors, a rangefinder is an absolute must-have.

Independent Slope Correction

Consequently, the popularly used ballistic tools are designed to give independent corrections for bullet drop data and necessitate an actual line-of-sight range input. The LOS range is essential for measuring distance and obtaining precise readings to achieve accurate wind drifts.

Simple and Accurate Measurement

With just a few simple steps, you can easily and accurately measure with the scanning mode. To power up the scanning device, firmly press and hold down the measure button.

Scan Laser Back

After that, move the laser across the target object while keeping track of any yardage number alterations as you survey with crosshairs. By means of a flashing S-light, Scan Ranging is enabled.

High Level of Efficiency

The Rangers offer a straightforward approach that maximizes efficiency and user-friendliness with an intuitive menu, neat presentation, and simple navigation. An angle-compensated distance reading will appear when the Primary Horizontal Part Distance mode is engaged.

Reticulum Luminosity Settings

All three reticulum luminosity settings are designed to adjust seamlessly to any ambient light level. By utilizing the Scan Mode of a rangefinder, you can take readings from any angle within your landscape or observe movement in animals that are far away. The adjustable utility clip securely attaches belts, pockets, backpacks, or any other flat-edged surfaces.

Multi-Coated Lenses

Furthermore, the lenses are 100% multi-coated for maximum light transmission. To ensure total water-proofing, the O-ring and Rangefinder were hermetically sealed for maximum protection. Therefore, it’s optimal for gun hunters, target shooters, and bow hunters. With Ranger rangefinders, you get the amazing advantage of increased accuracy in your down-range impacts!

  • Manage and operate with ease!
  • Exceptionally lightweight construction
  • An ergonomic design of superior quality
  • Rain-Proof Housing
  • High-quality CR2 battery
  • Perfectly Polished Aluminum Finishes
  • Measuring within close proximity


5. Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC Laser Rangefinder

If you’re unhappy with your current Rangefinder for hunting, then look no further than the Bushnell The Truth ARC Rangefinder – it’s sure to exceed expectations! Created with archers, professionals, and hunters in mind, this bowhunting rangefinder is guaranteed to bring success out on the hunt.

  • Accelerated by ARC Technology
  • Explore the Various Bow Modes
  • Pinpoint Accuracy and Direct-Line Reading
  • Transparent Visuals
  • Team Primo Approved
  • An effortless three-step process
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof construction

Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC Laser Rangefinder Reviews

The Bushnell ARC Laser Rangefinder is not only a testament to high performance but also boasts an exquisite design that rivals the finest quality construction and finishing. For extensive knowledge about the Bushnell Rangefinder, keep reading!

Highly durable and portable

Regarding construction, the laser rangefinder is incredibly sturdy and reliable. It is designed for a seamless hunting experience that you will remember! To ensure your ultimate satisfaction and extended longevity, the Rangefinder is crafted for optimal durability and portability.

ARC Technology

In addition, the ARC technology with Bow Mode can determine adjusted distance depending on your shot angle. With this method, you’ll easily determine the correct pin for distances between 7 and 199 yards. Furthermore, its line-of-sight readings extend to 850 yards with the same precision and speed.

Single-Button Operation

By contrast, this product is remarkably easy to operate and install with only one click. Additionally, the 4x Magnification offers clear and sharp visuals with every use. Bushnell is the exclusive manufacturer of Team Primo-certified laser rangefinders.

Real-Time Feedback

Furthermore, the Rangefinder’s advanced clear shot technology gives you immediate feedback on your shooting clearance. This advanced laser technology enables archers to make precise guesses on their shots. Hunters can now rest assured that they won’t have to worry about accidentally chopping down trees or running into other obstacles.

Three-Step Procedure

Using the sight mechanism, you can conveniently adjust the Rangefinder to match your bow’s frequency with a straightforward three-step process. Following this, a dot appears to show the highest elevation your arrow will reach when you’ve finished ranging the target.

Water-Proof and Rain-Proof

In this case, you can rest assured that the output results displayed on your monitor are legible. The Rangefinder wasn’t entirely water-proof, but special items were created and handled carefully to ensure they didn’t get soaked in the rain.

Bow Mode

With the bow mode in particular, an exceptional rangefinder was created. This mode offers more exactness and accuracy, allowing you to accurately identify your horizontal distance from 5-99 yards away.

Customer Satisfaction

The Rangefinder has been constructed to provide a longer warranty period to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. With this incredible Rangefinder, you’ll receive a warranty that includes a lifetime money-back guarantee.

  • An artful masterpiece of design.
  • Unmatched and Indestructible Product
  • Long-range coverage
  • Unparalleled precision and accuracy
  • Exceptionally long-lasting and easily transportable.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Ordinary Energy Output


6. WOSPORTS 800 Yards Hunting Rangefinder

Are you aware that WOSPORT 800 Yards Hunting Rangefinder has been crafted to measure up to an impressive 800 yards? Absolutely! This outstanding bowhunting Rangefinder provides you with an extended and accurate distance measurement, making your job easier than ever before.

  • Continuous Scan Modes
  • Masterful Speed Proficiency
  • Unrivaled measurement clarity.
  • Enjoy effortless, crystal-clear sight with multi-layered optics.
  • Display and Battery Meter
  • Jumpstart Your Journey with Start Guide
  • Outstanding Measuring Range

WOSPORTS 800 Yards Hunting Rangefinder Reviews

Any professional bowhunter knows that an exemplary, superior product is a must-have. This Rangefinder is ideal for hunting and can also be used when climbing, golfing, viewing wildlife, and observing games. Keep an eye out for this post to get the latest updates!

Luxury Device

Introducing the WOSPORTS Laser Rangefinder: a luxurious device that can measure distances of up to 800 yards and that even includes an impressive continuous scanning mode. This instrument is an incredibly attractive option, featuring a durable and water-proof design and cutting-edge speed technology.

Fast Calculation

Utilizing the lens display, you can quickly calculate to a precise 0.3 yards with utmost accuracy. Thanks to our top-of-the-line, multi-layered optics, you can also enjoy the ultimate clarity and vision.

Battery Meter Lens

With its distance and battery meter display lens and continued measurement mode, the Rangefinder offers an unprecedentedly simple way to measure any object quickly.

6X Magnification

As a result, the 6x magnified optical lens with its multi-layered transparency gives your eyes sharpness like never before – much akin to an eagle’s vision. Rest assured that your measurements will always be precise and accurate, guaranteeing error-free results.

Very Lightweight and Portable

Measuring 12.7 cm in length, 8.0 cm in width, and 4.3 cm in depth, the WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder is a lightweight device that tips the scales at only 223 grams. The Rangefinder is a perfect companion for golfers or hunters, as it comes with a durable, water-resistant, and dust-proof protective shell case that can withstand any elements.

Extreme Weather Conditions

No matter the weather conditions, this device is incredibly straightforward and simple to use. The inclusion of a rangefinder with a battery is definitely an added bonus. Once you click the button, utilizing the measurement tool is a breeze.

Quick Setup

As a result, utilizing the Rangefinder is simple and doesn’t require any extra equipment or complex setup. With this impressive Rangefinder, setup is a breeze! Instantly resolve your accuracy issues with this Rangefinder–no more guesswork!

Appropriate warranty

Furthermore, you will receive a 12-month repair warranty with lifetime customer support for your peace of mind. If you’re ever unsatisfied with your purchase, our money-back guarantee provides an effortless return process.

  • Effortlessly lightweight and conveniently portable.
  • Unerring arithmetic accuracy
  • Water-Resistant and Dust-Resistant Body
  • Very Durable premium shell Case
  • An effortless and speedy setup process.
  • Free CR2 Battery
  • A lack of angle measurements


7. ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

Everyone wants to have the best quality product while maintaining their budget. In a similar fashion, ATN Laser Ballistics Laser Rangefinder has been engineered to provide you with maximum performance at an affordable price point. Trust this amazing archery rangefinder to unlock the full potential of your hunting experience.

  • Smart Ballistic Calculator
  • ATN Smartphone app
  • Incredibly fast and intelligent computations
  • Utmost Accuracy and Unrivaled Precision
  • Smart Phone Connection
  • Connect quickly and conveniently with Bluetooth!
  • Enjoy two years of worry-free coverage with our maximum warranty.

ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Are you looking for a rangefinder with powerful connectivity options for your mobile device? Congratulations! You made the correct selection. That is why it’s important to keep exploring and reading up on the intricate features and specifications below!

Precise Measurement

With its extremely accurate measurements, this advanced Ballistics Calculator provides multiple connecting possibilities. Instantly link your mobile device with this product to perform quick tasks effortlessly. By connecting the device to your mobile phone, you will be able to execute all of your calculations conveniently and with ease.

Built-In ATN Technology

Therefore, you can confidently attest that this Rangefinder is equipped with ATN technology, which gives it a wide array of effortless and hassle-free connectivity options. By using this system, there will be no chance of error in calculating your reading.

Capable of Complex Calculations

Furthermore, this system allows you to measure the separation of up to a kilometer or yard between yourself and your selected target with immense accuracy. With its advanced computing power, the Rangefinder can quickly and accurately complete complex calculations with unparalleled precision. Astonishingly, it is also able to keep your ATN Smart Scope balanced and offers you a Point of Impact (POI) as the changes occur in real time. In this manner, you can attain the utmost comfort and ease.

Simple Scanning

To perform simple scanning, please follow these basic steps. Before we begin, please grab your Laser Ballistics and go to the target range. Once you accept it, your Range Finder app will display the distance to the target. Afterward, follow the instructions on your smartphone device to activate your Turrets and make sure they are ready to be used.

Easy Calculation

The ATN Laser Rangefinder is designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing for easy and quick calculations in the background.

Lifetime Warranty

On the other hand, the Rangefinder comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. If any issues occur within the specified period, you may return the item and receive a refund.

  • Simple and fast-range target
  • Allow background calculations
  • HD measurement and X-Sight.
  • Real-Time POI adjustment
  • Very accurate and user-friendly.
  • Smart Scope Features
  • Auto shut-off issues.


8. Laser-Works Professional-Class Rangefinder

It would help if you used the laser rangefinder to guess the reading. It’s time to install the Laser Works Specialist Class Rangefinder in your home. This archery rangefinder might be the best option for you to consider.

  • High Measuring Performance
  • Golf Trajectory Correction
  • Lightning and fast measurement
  • Highly Reflective target
  • Powerful optical 6X Magnification
  • Auto Shut-off after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Completely one key measure and switch mode

Laser-Works Professional-Class Reviews

Nowadays, it is undeniable that using a rangefinder for hunting and archery is very beneficial. If you want to achieve perfect results with your purchase, I recommend choosing the Laser Works Rangefinder. Let’s discuss the features of the Laser Rangefinder in more detail.

High Measuring Performance

The Rangefinder can measure distances from 5 to 1000 yards and can detect highly reflective targets up to 1600 yards away. The tool provides a clear image with a strong optical magnification of 6X. It has also been linked to faster computing when dealing with different lighting levels.

Maximum Output

The tool will calculate frequency, distance, fog mode, statue locking, and residual scanning. The Rangefinder is more precise because it can read and calculate Angle Measurement, Longitudinal Distance Measurement, and Golf Course Adjustment, and it sets the standards better than other devices.

Outstanding Finishing

The tool creates a strong, water and dust-resistant casing that has an excellent finishing quality. This is ideal for activities such as golfing, shooting, calculating, and surveying.

Easy to Operate

The calculation and mode switching will also be very simple, with just one key. The device has a feature that automatically turns off after 15 seconds of inactivity. The Rangefinder is now very light in weight, making it an excellent choice for hunters and archers.

Small and Compact Size

In addition, it is about the same size as a small candy bar, making it easy to hold in your hand or pocket, which is really convenient and accessible. Additionally, it provides a Class-I laser device with a total translucent performance of 70.1μW, which is safe for human health.

Amazing Operation Design

This Rangefinder is exceptional because it has only two keys for measuring and transforming modes. You don’t have to switch it off manually before you finish running. To standardize operation and prevent power consumption, the device will turn off automatically if left unattended for 15 seconds.

Professional-Class Instrument

A rangefinder of exceptional quality and reliability is considered a professional-grade instrument. The instrument provides precise measurements of distance in meters, ranging from 5 to 1000 meters. It can also measure up to 1093 yards for highly conductive targets and 1600 yards overall.

Optical Magnification

The device features a clear lens and powerful 6x optical Magnification, which offers a comparable view to your target.

  • The design is incredibly compact.
  • The device has a body that is resistant to water and dust.
  • It is designed to be easy to carry in your palm or pocket.
  • A height measurement that is precise and accurate.
  • Horizontal distance measurement
  • Superior functionality
  • Non-existent Eye Relief
  • The speed of the vehicle measuring is slow.


9. Sig Saur Kilo 1600 BDX Laser Rangefinder

Are you looking for precise and accurate measurements while hunting? Bring the multi-functional Sig Saur Kilo Laser Rangefinder with you, and you won’t have to worry about anything. The design of this bow rangefinder is advanced and includes impressive technology and features.

  • Spectra-coat Trademark.
  • BDX Ballistics data exchange
  • Advanced OLED Display
  • The Lunatic Display automatically controls the brightness output.
  • Ambient light conditions
  • The housing is made of lightweight magnesium.
  • Binocular Style Eye-Cap and Diopter Adjustment

Sig Saur Kilo 1600 BDX Laser Rangefinder Reviews

The Sig Sauer Kilo Laser Rangefinder is a versatile tool that enhances the archery experience. Try out this Rangefinder for hunting and archery, as it can provide excellent results.

Superlative Ranging Equipment

The superlative ranging equipment utilizes an inclinometer on board to detect the angle of incline or decline and then adjusts the range of ballistic firing accordingly. When used in conjunction with SIG Ballistic Turret Dials, the AMR serves as the horizontal range equivalent.

Anti-Reflection Coating

The Sig Sauer Rangefinder is user-friendly and has a 7 x 25 mm monocular with Spectra Coat anti-reflection coating. This has led to excellent lighting and reliable delivery of dimensions.

Industrial Architecture

Inspired by firearms, the industrial architecture features optics and lighting with a lens form. This is complemented by diversion armor surfaced using pulse width modulation and firearm sliding with serrated edges. The durability of the checkering on the handle is due to the uniform shape of all Sig Sauer breakbeat optics.

Great Shooting Rangefinder

The Kilo 1600 is a versatile rangefinder that can be utilized for both hunting and golf distance measurement. This model can reach a range of up to 1,600 yards while maintaining a higher level of accuracy.

Organic Light Transmission

OLED is an organic light-transmitting dielectric display that has a wide spectrum of dimensions, providing excellent illumination even in bright sunlight or snowy conditions. The device can reduce its brightness to near-night vision levels during dusk and dawn.

Low-Light Compression

This monitor has a unique ability to prevent low-light compression of your eyes, which may hinder your ability to see your target.

Built-in Ballistics Data Xchange

The device has a built-in BDX Ballistic Data Xchange that allows you to connect it to your rifle scope or phone software. After Bluetooth pairing, you will have a basic connection and a holdover dot that is automatically illuminated.

Milling Features

The advanced OLED monitor provides a highly accurate targeting circle that is narrower and includes milling features, ballistic details, and holdover angles. The Lumatic Monitor automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor based on the current level of ambient light.

  • The features are easy and straightforward to use.
  • Anti-Reflection coating
  • The device has superior light transmission.
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Automated illuminated holdover dot
  • Extremely precise targeting circle
  • The construction quality is on an average level.


10. Leica Rangemaster CRF

The Leica Rangefinder CRF holds a unique importance in the realms of archery and hunting, distinguishing itself from other rangefinders. This Rangefinder for bows offers professional-level precision for gaming, using advanced features and specifications.

  • Feature scan mode
  • The External Lens has a coating called Aqua-Dora.
  • Carbon Reinforced Plastic
  • Invisible-Light Laser Compliant
  • 1 incl. Battery
  • Advanced Ballistic Compensation
  • Displayed Holdover values

Leica Rangemaster CRF Reviews

If you have the Leica Rangemaster CRF with you, there is no need to wait for any other hunting and archery products. This Rangefinder provides both precise measurements and accurate readings without any errors. Bring this amazing multi-functional device to your home now without waiting any longer!

Small yet Lightweight

The Rangefinder now has a small and lightweight magnesium housing, along with a binocular eyecup design and diopter modification. You can download the BDX app for free on your mobile device, whether it’s iOS or Android.

Fast and Intuitive

Therefore, the BDX rangefinder and riflescope have a simple, fast, and intuitive architecture. In addition, you will receive easy-to-use instructions for operating the Rangefinder without any difficulties.

Ultra-Wild Broadband

The highly efficient anti-reflection lens film in ultra-wild broadband reduces surface reflections across the entire visible spectrum to a remarkably low level. This method facilitates the efficient transmission of light to the intended target.

Supreme Quality Consistency

Leica Rangemaster products are known for their high quality, consistent performance, and exceptional efficiency. By following these steps, you can improve your accuracy and precision in target shooting.

Integrated Energy Management

A methodology for integrated energy management has been utilized in the development of the Rangefinder. This technology permits a refresh rate of 4 times per second in scan mode, even at distances exceeding one mile.

Programmable Logic

The brand’s DSP system utilizes a new generation programmable logic array that runs digital signal processing algorithms to reduce the occurrence of false positives while identifying delicate or unique targets.

Level of Orientation Accounts

One of the performance types shows placeholder properties for air strain, temperature, and level of orientation, with all of them displayed together. The first option sets the linear holdover value in inches, the second option sets the true angular velocity equal to the target in yards, and the third option has a 1/4 M.O.A (or mil radian) holdover.

12 Pre-Programmed Curves

Moreover, the brand applies the identical 12 predetermined ballistics curves as the CRF 2400. However, the new feature is that it provides holdover values from 100 yards up to a maximum of 880 yards.

  • Manage air pressure, incline angle, and temperature.
  • Provides linear holdover values.
  • Provide the measured distance in yards.
  • 12 pre-programmed ballistic curves
  • Altitude and shooting angle.
  • Affordable, cheaper Rangefinder
  • The average quality of the battery



Q1. Which Rangefinder is the most suitable for bow hunting?

The Sig Sauer Kilo 1600 BDX Laser is a highly accurate rangefinder that’s ideal for bow hunting, thanks to its impressive range capabilities.

Q2. Which Rangefinder provides the best value for its cost?

Based on your budget and required range, the ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder is recommended as the ideal option.

Q3. Can you recommend an affordable rangefinder?

Among all of the options available for a cheap rangefinder, Laser Works Professional-Class is the ideal choice.

Q4. Is a rangefinder necessary when bow hunting?

To have a successful hunting trip, it is essential to have a rangefinder as a necessary tool.


Professionals in bow hunting require a rangefinder, which is a basic necessity in this era of science and technology. Not all rangefinders have been designed with the same features, even though newly developed ones typically have fast speed, accurate measurement, and a compact design.

To make it simpler for you to find a rangefinder with high correction and precision, I recommend the Sig Sauer Kilo 1600 BDX Laser Rangefinder for your comfort.

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